Wanted: XKE Series 2 Thermostat Housing and Water Outlet

I am just getting into a car that has not run for a long time and found significant corrosion in the thermostat housing and water outlet. If anyone has a serviceable set, please let me know.

Here are pictures of my corroded set.


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IIRC, there are a couple different housings: post a picture of the corroded one.

I edited my original to include a couple of pictures. Thanks

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Actually, worse come to worst, with proper use of J-B Weld, that can be used, safely.

Agreed. Reparable, after bead blasting to get a clean surface to bond the epoxy to. Iā€™d be inclined to use Devcon 10610, though. Pricey, but the best option to rebuild aluminum castings in my experience.

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