Warning about new registration plates poor quality

I bought an expensive pair of registration plates to reflect the vintage status of my Daimler using the black background with raised white lettering. I fitted these in 2021 and the car has not been used on the road since as I have well documented issues to resolve to make it a safe daily driver. It has been washed and garaged. See the state of the fixings on the rear of the plate because cheapest steel fixings have been used. Why oh why do companies feel it is necessary to save a few pennies. The boot lid now has rust marks from this issue. It was a fluke as I pushed the plate which was fixed with sticky pads and it needed re seating otherwise more damage would have been done.

I have written to the supplier and wonder what the response will be.

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Sad to see. Have a similar experience with a Ford truck. Had 260,000 miles and developed a pinion seal leak. I though it prudent to replace the front pinion bearing while he was in there already.

Was great for 5,000 miles. Now a slight whine has developed. Called the mechanic and asked where he got the bearing, Auto Zone. I hope it wasn’t a Chinese bearing. He told me to bring it by and he would take a listen with his fancy acoustic equipment.

The manuacturer has responded via the retailer advising the clips (actually flower clips) are “ionised” to prevent corrosion. If you belive that you will fall for anything. These are cheap mild steel clips - end of. What the hell is Ionising steel? Anyone??

Bullshit marketing.

Response is that they meant Anodising. I explained you anodise aluminium and aluminium does not rust… This will run and run for a while.