Warning lamp shrouds

Has anyone found a way of replicating the rubber shrouds around the ignition warning light and the indicator repeater light on the DHC dash? As in the photo - one is very hard and brittle and the other has long since gone awol.
Suggestions gratefully received.

Hi Roger,
I simply found a piece of appropriately sized rubber tubing and cut it to sandwich in place, works fine. You may want to dab a spot of adhesive on an end to insure it stays in place.

Tom Brady

Thanks Tom, I guessed that might be the kind of route to follow. The wooden panel should help to hold it in place.

Tom there is an expression for your very correct and great answer KIS


Completely unrelated to the discussion, but within the European industrial framework of “Continous Improvement” (a.k.a. Total Quality) it was called KISS: *keep it simple stupid"

Bob K.

yes the same expression here in Australia KISS: *keep it simple stupid" thought I better delete the word stupid!