Warning light for low fluid window washer

(jerald) #1

Hello I have a 1994 xj12 and the low fluid washer light is illuminated. I disconnected the washer bottle sensor 2 pin red connector and the light is still on. Where do I o from here? thanks

(Grooveman) #2

Jerald …

Not sure how the switch is set up. Probably an open circuit initiates the light but this being a Jaguar you never know, so try shorting out the 2 pins on the plug going to the sensor and see if the warning light goes out ?

(jerald) #3

No have not tried that but I will and report back. thanks

(dr_gaz) #4

I’ve had this issue too. I checked the connector on the bottle to no avail. At another time when I had the car on a hoist I removed the plastic covers from the wheel well and found a two wire connector that was unplugged in the general vicinity of the washer bottle. I had no idea what it was for but when I reconnected it the warning light went out.

(jerald) #5

I finally just connected the 2 wires and this cured the light issue thanks