Warning light glass MK IV

Anyone have access to or know of any supplier for the red or amber glass for the dash warning lights? Needed for 1948 MK IV.

Gust Nelson

Identical ones were on MK VII s

Cordell at Western Jaguar had - emphasise ‘had’ - them listed. My catalogue from 2013 had them under ‘Mk IV Electrical components’ as item numbers 559 (red, IGN), and 560 (amber, TRF), for U.S.$39 each.

Probably of no help as his site seems closed now and he mentioned several years ago he was winding the business down and he was not manufacturing replacements when stocks emptied. He has not responded to my last email about some parts he had on hold for me. If someone takes over, there may be a chance.

Thanks peter tried all the old souced

The original Jaguar Part numbers for these dash warning lights were 318732 (just with different colour glass lenses). They are Lucas lamp holders WL4 Type L9 according to my cross reference books, and as fitted on a number of Jaguars from MK IV, XK’s, etc. Perhaps more easy to obtain (and probably at a lower cost) are the same type Lucas lamp holders from other classic cars of the era such as MG, Riley, Bristol, Triumph, etc - which shared the same Lucas fittings on their dashboards.

I have also seen the use of Lucas WL3 and WL14 lamp holders as an alternative and similar looking.

Thanks David. Found them so Sng Barratt

I would be careful of Barrett’s descriptions of which models the part are for. Especially in the
M K iv area
. ( I see on eBay a company advertising sway bar rubbers for SSs)
But on MKIV/SS the visible lens is not part of the lamp.
I have it in my mind that SS didn’t have “TRF and IGN” on the lenses.

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At some point better than nothing. Short of ordering circular glass and grinding to size. May be the answer.
These minutae parts are a pain. At my age has to be my last resto. Thank for advice Ed.


I’d just buy Mk VII ones, There were a lot moe Mk &s than Mk IVs and they aren’t expensive. I’d look for a MK VII specialist , or an XK

Same company lists the same rubbers for a DKW…:roll_eyes:

Interesting , A local SS100, very original and had been off the road for many decades, had/has the same type of lense, but no letters.
I assume this may have been because the 100 had no trafficators and so would not need to differentiate between the warning lamps.
Although one would have thought the different colours would suffice.
But thelense is definitely independent of the lamp itself.
Asa trivia note , according to the parts book, cars from 30001 to 31003 and 36001 to 362383 had a green lens for the trafficators [ red for ign] all listed under the lamps nos.However from chassis 90001 to 90068 and 610001 to subsequent, as well as the red and orange coours, the lenses are listed as "Bezel for trafficator warning light [ amber glass [ Lucas] and the holders are listed as separate part numbers,
Interesting reading for a cold winter’s night. especially for concours judges who at this very moments are chuckling with glee and noting it for future points deductions.

I’d agree with that.


Interesting back at ya. :thinking:
So you think mine have been replaced, and I should have plain red and green?

Any thing can happen over 80 years. But I wouldn’t have it high on m priority list.
I haven’t checked but I suspect the lenses are plastic not glass.

Hi Rob,

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know if mine are correct as both are red but I’m fairly sure that they shouldn’t have lettering.

The red is properly red and not as reproduced below but the trafficator lamp on the right is significantly brighter than the ignition lamp.

(I didn’t bother to reverse the ammeter connections when I changed to negative earth.)


See 1938 factory photo of 1.5litre.

Here’s another 1939 car that’s currently on eBay.


Correct Ed the lenses are plastic. The lettering is not on the lenses, it is effected by a thin disc
that indicates TRF IGN or other, ( I have one that indicates FAN with a green lens), This disc
is placed behind the lens. Some of the lens holders are chrome on brass others are alu.
Peter B

Don’t put the letter disc s in backwards or you could be like the bloke who asked why his heater indicator window said "NO "

Yes, good point Ed, note that I placed the TRF letters correctly !
Peter B.

Yes , I had thought of that. BUt as the Poms say ,it would have been a bit NAF,.