Warning: Rockauto online catalog is WRONG for frt whl grease seals

Be aware that the online parts catalog from Rockauto.com shows various front wheel hub seals for the XJ40 and X300 cars that DO NOT FIT!
They have seals such as a SKF 18565 or a Centric 41720003 listed for the application and all of these seals have an OD that is too large to fit into the bore of the hub.
On the XJ40 AND X300 cars the bore on the inside of the front wheel hub is about 2.355 inches and the OD of these seals is over 2.5 inches so there is no way that they will fit, no matter how large the hammer being used to drive the seal into place.

The ONLY seal shown in their catalog that IS CORRECT is the Beck-Arnley 052-3413

I would contact them, let them know of the issue, to give them the opportunity to fix the error.

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I did look for a way to do that.
Unfortunately there is NO WAY to contact them via their web site as there is no general contact form or an email address listed anywhere to send them a note about something like this.

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From their website:

Question not answered above, nor on the other tabs at the top?

Email us at [service@rockauto.com](mailto:service@rockauto.com

OK, so I sent an email to this service@rockauto.com address but I bet it goes right into the roundfile and they do not make any changes to their catalog as a result of the feedback.

Why do you say that? I found them to be fist class in every way …bad experience? (other than wrong parts!! :crazy_face:)

This has happened to me several times with their website. I’ve just had to eat the restocking fee. Take the pictures they show for each part as gospel.

Why I generally stay away from RA: partsgeek.com shows the actual part, wrt the car you’re working on.

Hey! it’s the internet - do your research/part number before buying.

Jaguar heritage is no better, refused to sell me 13 cam cover bolts because their database said my car only had 7 …Silly buggers.