Warranty plate on '70's cars

On the bottom of the plate, below the address are a couple of sets of numbers. Does anyone know what those numbers stand for?

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Welcome. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘warranty’ plate. Where is this located? Can you put a photo on? Perhaps the numbers are the VIN or chassis number?


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The plate comes in the Passport to Service book That is in the owner’s manual packet. It is a medal plate in a pocket on the back cover and it contains the owner’s name, address, date of purchase. To the right of the purchase date there are a series of numbers. These are the numbers I am trying to decipher. I assume one of those is the dealer number, however I don’t have a list of Triumph dealers from that era.

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Sorry Raymond, I’ve never seen this before, I wonder if it was something done by the dealership?

I’m sure those plats were stamped at the dealership although they were supplied by BL.
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if the number sequence on the lower lh side refers to the date (06-16-1973), the upper rh no. might refer to a Leyland product (with which Jaguar had merged in 1968). Can you compare the last five digits (23385 it seems) with the body no. or the VIN? If you find bills of sale, there might be customer nos as well.

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I have seen these before, they were meant to do services and invoicing easier and faster, used just like the old school credit cards, remember, where you position this plate and/or a credit card on a machine and then the multi layered receipt and then roll over with the mechanism to produce 2-4 layers of a piece of paperwork for the customer, the workshop, the accounting and the bank or credit card issuer.


Thanks for your help. I did compare the numbers with the VIN #, Body # and engine # and non of those numbers mach. I’m thinking one of those numbers might be the dealer # but I don’t have a reference for dealer numbers from that time period.

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75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)