Watching my first Formula E race!

This is the one in London which looks like a great big parking garage or something like that, very cool course!

I am happy to report that it is just as fun watching racing with whirring electric motor noises as it is with vroomy combustion engine noises!

Been enjoying watching Formula E since it’s inception. It wasn’t to popular early on, but that’s not the case anymore. I was lucky enough to catch one of the races in the streets of Hong Kong a few years ago, totally awesome. I never miss a Formula One race, but Moto GP followed by Formula E are my absolute favorites in that order for sure.

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You missed the earlier series where the iPace was the supporting races, due to Covid they shortened the 3 year contract to 2, this leaves Simon Evans as the reigning champion for that class, his Brother races for the Jaguar team so you had better be rooting for him!!!

Still making up my mind!

As for watching more, I’ll keep my eye peeled for upcoming races.

Last race of the season Mitch is starting 3rd on the grid and is in a good position to take the title, Jaguar are sitting at the top of the table in the constructors title.

Well that was a fizzer, Mitch didn’t move off the line and was shunted. The eventual TITLE winner came in 8th and that secured the manufacturers title as well for Mercedes, Jaguar came in second, if Mitch had been running then Jaguar would probably have won that title.