Water in rear footwell

My ‘91 xj 40, the left rear footwel is getting soaked. Any ideas

Btw, no sunroof

When I had that it was actually running from the front scuttle area. Going through a car wash I could hear the water running down inside the ‘A’ pillar.

Front footwells are dry. Just rear left footwell. I suspect doorseals, but i dont see something that possible may cause a leak

Same with mine, it bypassed the front footwells.

I had the same problem too, it happened when the car was parked on a slight incline with the front higher than the rear. I’m not sure of the route the rainwater took to finish in the rear footwell but I suspect it was down the A pillar and bulkhead and then somehow it got into the sill area which then leaked into the rear footwell. When I braked I could hear water sloshing around inside the sill. With the car level and the rear carpets and sound deadening removed I had my wife spray all over the rear door / roof area with a pressure washer for at least ten minutes and not a single drop found it’s way past the door or window seals. Ever since that happened I’ve reversed onto my driveway so the front is at the lowest point and it’s never happened again, but I still occasionally get water in the front LH footwell after real heavy downpours. I’ve never been able to determine exactly how it gets in !

Usually the big grommet :unamused:

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Sunroof car or not? How are the sunroof drains configured? My car is a slick top.

no sunroof, duckbill has been cleaned out twice …

but i think its comming in by the doorsills?
can ther be xater oultets in the doorsillst that are trapped?

Yes 99 times out of 100 it’s that big grommet, but not on my car, I had the liners off and made absolutely certain that area is sealed, I used clear silicone sealant and then sprayed it with water while I checked inside. I’ve also re- routed any cables inside the wing. Removed the duckbill ages ago, I’ve tried running water down the bulkhead / or firewall from a hose with all the carpet, sound deadening and under dash bolsters removed but I can’t see any water getting in and it stays dry, same if I run water all over the windscreen for over an hour. The car has no sunroof and no working AC and the coolant level never drops so it’s not the heater matrix leaking. Weird thing is, it doesn’t happen every time it rains, even after torrential downpours lasting hours I’ll check and find everything dry, but occasionally after rain the carpet on the LH (pass) side will be sopping wet, it really baffles me.

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If you look under the bottom of your doors you will see small drain slots along the seam, it’s important to keep them clear or the door could collect water in the bottom.

this is exactly same as my situation. i also poured water with a hose …