Water in the Hole! Or, Series 1 Engine, Diagnosis, Removal and Rebuild

Assumptions… The “brown” level is a machinist edge 1/4" thick by 2.5" by 30". It was originally orange but dirt and time have faded it. I loaned it to Scot. The lower edge is machined, the upper edge shown in the picture is still painted. I have had it for over 40 years.


Ah… OK! That’ll work, but in my defense… none of that info was in the picture…:wink:

Scot is very through in his writeup. I am sure he will be very specific when it is all done. It is kind of hard to hold the light, feeler gauge and phone at the same time while making sure the straight edge does not fall over.

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[quote=“ScotThompson, post:28, topic:443460”]
So with a machinists straight edge borrowed from Dick I ascertain if the deck is flat
[/quote] From posting at the pic of the straightedge…28/43 :slight_smile:

I have a high-tech flashlight that is very bright, telescopes to shine sideways, and has a magnet in its base so you can stand it up or let it hang, USB rechargeable. Really handy. In measuring the deck for flatness, I telescoped it and laid it behind the straightedge. Two hands to take a picture - easy peasy.

All moot now as the machinist will be decking the block to get rid of the scratches.

Based on the position of the piston it looks like the block has already been decked, and quite a bit.

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Here is the linked thread about removing the engine out the bottom:

Yes we noted that too Doug. The machinist and Dick will make a decision this week about pistons, liners, deck. Some pistons have quite a lead time to order, so that may affect the choice as well.