Water in the trunk

we are at the usual … water in the trunk! since I had removed all the carpet, I took the opportunity to check that I had really solved the infiltrations that came from the petrol door, antenna, rear … I put paper towels in strategic areas and automatically washed the car with the rollers … I couldn’t wait for the rainy season. But alas a lake! the areas from which the water entered were perfectly dry but the paper I had placed on the perimeter of the bottom and of the side steps was soup! the question is obviously if it is possible that it enters from the perimeter of the tailgate, I put the two new cleats and maybe they are too new and therefore the bonnet does not adhere to the seal … but then … must it adhere?

it flows from behind the ventilation boxes mostly

Tomas, have you fixed such leaks caused by the ventilation boxes in the trunk?

A ‘40 I purchased for a charity run had rust around the rear screen area which required the screen to come out, I cut through the sealant but on the downward side there was a gap of about 3” where the tool just whipped down with no resistance. This was not apparent when looking at the rubber surround, maybe time to start poking in that area?

Of course. Unfortunately, the sealing foam No. 9 from the drawing, is not cut exactly. This causes the boxes to not adhere well and the water to leak out. The boxes themselves are also not tight, because they are poorly welded.

My 92 has rust-through in the same place as Robin talked about which causes rain water to get into the trunk. It had some other leaks, including a gusher at the rubber around the filler neck, but I had fixed all of those. I work around the problem by never driving in the rain and covering the car when rain is coming. Of course, it is not my daily driver so I have the luxury of doing the workaround. One of these days I might get it fixed.

I also have that rust in the rear window and for the second time I will have to take it out and do a better job than the first … but the water did not enter from there … it was a lot … and not even seen from the air intakes that it was not the first time I washed the car at the automatic and even now those two areas were dry. It entered right in line with the perimeter of the tailgate due to the high water pressure shot from the side by the system. therefore as if the hatch did not adhere to the seal and let water pass in buckets. I lowered the two rubber heels … I check.

Thomas, thanks for your elaboration.
Have you renewed the foam no. 9 and also improved the tightness of the ventilation box?

I made a 5mm micro-rubber (foam) gasket myself. And now it’s ok.

Tomas, that foam gasket fix is exactly what I did to the vent box that was allowing water in. It’s only been a year, but it’s still holding.

Ok, good to know, thanks.