Water pump differences?

Is there a meaningful difference between models and 4.2 and 3.8 water pumps?

I have a MkX 4.2 engine with a seemingly good water pump, but I’m rebuilding everything, so I might as well freshen up the pump, too, before it goes into my Mk2. I’m seeing a lack of rebuild kits for a MkX pump, or new/rebuilt pumps, but plenty for a 4.2 XKE or 3.8 anything. There’s a rebuilder on ebay with rebuilt pump exchange. They’re all $99… except the MkX which is $189! For $1 more I could get a brand new pump for an XKE from SNG. They also have a 4.2 XKE rebuild kit, but not for a 4.2 MkX. Wouldn’t the pump be basically the same? It looks like the only difference is the angle of the outlet. I’m not sure that matters since I have to figure out how to get it to a MK2 radiator.

The rebuilder on ebay is East Coast Jaguar.
They sell kits too.

That’s what I thought. He says the MkX pump takes “a different bearing and seal that needs to be modified with a brass expansion ring. The machine work and longer bearing account for the price difference.”

It seems like a lot for a rebuild. I can send it to SNG for rebuilding at $128 and a new pump is a new XKE $190, so I’m not sure it’s worth it. Will any 4.2 pump fit any 4.2 engine if you’re not concerned about numbers matching?