Water pump preventive replacement

I got somewhere around 7 years and 10k miles out of the first rebuilt one I installed in 2001, Drew. The failure wasn’t catastrophic and the leaking was evident to anyone that opens the bonnet regularly.

It’s not god awful roadside repair on a long trip so a spare makes decent sense. As you saw, I did mine again just because the engine was out, and 150 bucks was not a lot in context of how much I was already spending. However if the engine was not out, then that pump would have stayed in there until it started leaking.

From the Coolcat site by way of John Carey:


As noted, ‘fasteners may vary’ - e.g. I have one or two studs in place of bolts shown (studs make installation a bit easier).

And my (S2) spare will be of no use to you I think (later, larger impeller).

Thank you, Geo. …

Thanks Erica. Mine seems fine now, but I hope when it decides to go I can hobble along for a while if I’m on a tour. If not, I’ll be relying on SNG or XKs to send one post haste.

A boxed pump will fit in the well of the spare (realizing you surely have something equally useful in there already):

If you carry one in the boot… the one in the engine compartment will never go bad…:grimacing:


all I know is that if I go on a road trip I hope Geo is on the same one… then all I need is a wad of cash.

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I had a new Series II pump I carried around on my first tour until I checked and it wouldn’t work on my Series I. I carry an alternator, a fuel pump and a bunch of other items plus tools. Guess I need to get a water pump.

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Just to make the job easier -

  • use the image in a previous post and identify bolts and locations
  • tack the gasket in place to avoid misalignment
  • use a jockey pulley to keep the proper belt tension and avoid stressing the bearings
  • double check rad hose fitting especially the bottom one
  • if you are using the newly manufactured pump from XKs, install the pump pulley after you mount the pump otherwise it would fit through the picture frame

Good luck

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