Water Temperature gauge

Can anyone tell me what this is? Found behind but disconnected to the water temperature gauge, probably in series with the wire to the voltage control unit. Gauge seems to work fine without it.

Sorry, should have said, on a 1971 Series 2 XKE/Etype FHC, car originally from the USA, now in Canada

Parasetic oscilatory capacitor frapistat?

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I suspect a Bubba attempt at calibration.
Pull it apart. Perhaps a resistor inside a “heat shield.”

It’s nothing I recognize but don’t throw it away

If this was the case, presumably I will now see higher temperatures than before it became disconnected

Measure resistence with an ohm meter.

Farbelgib hooked to the Gebilstat by a dingy wire. Not usually seen in the daylight! Made in Poland! I believe.

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I believe Dick is channeling this video (the original)




He’s one of my favorite Professors. The other, a Math Prof., had some issues from the Bataan Death March! Otherwise, both were Brilliant!!!

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Probably a radio noise suppression capacitor.

Was thinking today
It maybe a power supply filter, made for the radio , stereo. There used to reduce electrical noise smooth the power supply

Take an ohm meter to it, is it a pass-through inductor? This is where there is zero resistance between one end and the other, or is it a capacitor filter where it will test as an open circuit where one end gets grounded in the other end has power.

A miniature Flux Capacitor?


This looks similar.

C41220 Fuel Cut Off ← At least that’s what the caption says??


That inertia fuel cutoff shuts off fuel flow in a severe accident or rollover. I have not yet detached the brake and fuel lines where they run under the car, so if I have one it must be lurking under there someplace. I do not remember seeing any such thing thus far.


The Fuel Cutoff Inertia switch C41220 was not installed on any S3 E-type that I’m aware of! I thought about installing one during the restoration but decided against it. Based on E-type suspension it would probably be tripping a LOT! Enough to contend with without inducing more of a problem IMHO!. Also installing in an easily accessible location would be tricky too!

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I think where we are all heading is that we would like Martin to cut open the device so we can see what is inside!!


Been away for the weekend, I’ll do some more investigation and let you all know soon


So this should make identification easier. 3 ohms and 10W. Can’t get a reading of the resistance of the unit with my meter as the connection is broken off.
Most definitely a Farbelgib I’d say!

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