Water temperature sender bulb

hi friends, jaguar and type 2 + 2 1970, c15472 temperature gauge indicator instrument substitute signaling much higher grade, c16895 equal gear test signal higher temperature indicator where to be problem, many thanks


Hai cambiato il trasmettitore sul motore oppure l’indicatore sul cruscotto della macchina ?


no, the engine light bulb replaced, now a very high signal perhaps false mass? Thank you

Try running a wire directly to ground (massa) from the gage .
I don’t recall (from previous posts) if a disconnected transmitter wire will give a high coolant temp or low…


found the problem, fault voltage regulatormany thanks

found the problem, fault voltage regulator many thanks

Glad you found it. Since the problem was the voltage regulator you probably had issues with the fuel gage as it’s voltage is also supplied by it.