Watkins Glen 1954


For sometime now I’ve had the nagging question ‘could this possibly be my car that raced at Watkins Glen back in 1954?’
The first owner was a Jean Jacques Normand
Who entered a Jaguar XK120 in the famous race back in 1954 and also at Edenvale, driven by Jack Normand. What are the chances of him owning another 120? Or there being another Jean Jacques Normand from the same area? There must be someone out there with old photographs of the race or possiby knew Jean. Racing number 81. Any information would be appreciated.

Watkins Glen Grand Prix - Glen Trophy 1954 - Race Results - Racing Sports Cars
30th, 81, Jack Normand, Jaguar XK120, Jean Jacques Normand, 17th, CP. 31st, 158, Harold Kunz, Austin-Healey 100, Harold G. Kun

Edenvale [S+3.0] 1954 - Photo Gallery - Racing Sports Cars
Jaguar XK120 - Jaguar XK L6 2v DOHC N/A. ( CDN) … Driven by: Jack Normand (CDN), Result: 5th (2m01s800 behind the winner) Grid:.

Try to contact Chris Jaques, in London, at John Jaques Games.

He has done an extensive historical study of the XKs racing.

Greetings All,

You might try contacting the Watkins Glen Research Center. They might be able to help.

Tons of photos out there, but those are unlikely to help discerning whether your exact car was his.

First, check with Bill Green if he is still above ground there at the center. He could tell you what they know about the original cars that raced as many come back for different occasions.

I would visit the Center and see if your previous owner was involved in any Sports Car Clubs of the era. They sometimes had their member’s cars serial numbers in their logbooks.

While its always possible, I would be surprised, but its possible. I found a '34 SS1 some years back that was hidden for almost 50 years. Just surprised they didn’t find you sooner.

If I get a chance this weekend, I’ll check mt Watkins Glen book to see if there is more info. If you don’t see anything here PM me with a reminder, my schedule is hectic.

Thank you for your help. I have tried the centre but unfortunately they can only confirm that a Jaguar xk120 owned by Jean Jacques Normand raced that day. The second owner was a George O’Connell whose father owned Mont Gabriel hill climb and ski resort.

I have S 673776, W79028-S, F5836, JL15996, March 19, 1953…Nick