We need a revamp

This site could use an update, as in styling. Maybe an option in settings where you can switch between light and dark mode? Not much else. Also maybe the ability to post videos. That would be nice. I know you don’t want to overload the server but with how many people are here, and with how much we post, a video isn’t that much in comparison. I play around with graphic design in my spare time cause I love anything to do with design. @gunnar if you interested I would love to modernize the site a bit, and give it a more luxurious theme than a forum, after all, this is jag lovers, and Jaguar is one of the best brands in luxury and style

I like it.
When my phone is really low I use revert colours and I’m sure there are easy ways to to that in a browser. And I’m sure 99% of people don’t give a sh.t about a dark mode.
The design is good. It is simple and it works.
And it’s the standard discourse UI so go complain to them. The old site used a leather background.

Post any link from YouTube or whatever and you have a video on here that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg in storage and to stream :face_with_raised_eyebrow: videos are a lot.

If you do want to complain, show us your work?

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But that is what it is - a forum. I tend to be suspicious of those advocating style over function. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.



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I like the site over the other forums.
And Ian I don‘t like saying it, but your photography site (profesional photography at its greatest) is a mess if that is yours. Anything that actually represents your idea of good design is welcome. You probably improved a lot and the page is 5+ years old.

oh yeah i know, i need to actully redo mine profesionally, i just used wix to see how it worked and it was ok for a free program. i made it in freshman year, i am now a senior.

Okay. So, any examples of current work?

yes ill add some in here later, currently in school before first bell and all my stuff is on my home pc.


i normally get home around 3:15 est, so sometime around then

Presumably intended as a reply to the OP? I’m not Ian!


Oh yes. Or rather, the first sentence was me agreeing with you and then the rest regarding Ian. Not logical. Sorry.

Agrees. I like it as it is. Clean, easy to navigate, not a lot of clutter. Drag over the pictures and documentsw from the old site and it would be perfect, IMHO.

Hi Ian,

Sure, Nick and I appreciate constructive input and are always open to new volunteers helping out!

As others have said in this thread, the focus should be on readability. We have to keep in mind that we have members of all ages on this site, from teens all they way up to people in their 90s.

The Jag-lovers Forums are running on a software called Discourse. You can download it here: https://www.discourse.org

Discourse is based on Ruby on Rails and node.js, and is heavily browser dependent. This framework is about as modern as it gets, and is under active development by a large developer community.

I suggest you try to create one or more themes for Discourse, and then notify us here when you’re ready to show off your work on your own site.

There’s a Theme site for Discourse, where you can find ideas and perhaps even themes you can use as a starting point: https://meta.discourse.org/c/theme

Please note, we’re not interested in modifying the underlying source code of Discourse, unless it can be integrated as a plugin or a theme, or accepted by the devs into the main branch of Discourse. Maintaining our own, custom code base is what we used to do, and we learned from that. It’s just too much work, and too dependent on one or a few people to maintain.

No promises, but if you come up with a theme that enough people like, we’ll consider installing it here!



Totally unrelated… you watched the show, “DEVS?”

Dark mode is necessary these days. It is already integrated into Discourse. Its a matter of tweaking a few things and flicking a switch, am I right?

Even better… automatic dark mode!

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That looks cool, I’ll take a look at implementing it when I get a chance.

Hi all,
I’ve been a participant on this site for many years. I tend to view posts more than comment as I am sure may people do. I have no complaints with the usability of the site. What I REALLY miss is the photo album!!! Yes I know it’s much easier now to include pictures in messages. Unfortunately, there now lacks global visibility of images at one locations. I really enjoyed viewing all of the posted images under to old format regardless of model and forum topic. I believe in promoted cross model interest and discussion which is lacking today with the new format. I’m not a web designer so I don’t appreciate the complexity of keeping this all working. I am very appreciative to the admins who do!


We had a photo album function? That sounds super cool

Ian, yes the photo album was great. And very useful, helpful.
Spending your time and effort helping get the old albums into the new site would, in my humble opinion, be more useful than redesigning the site.

Maybe that would be a part of redesigning the site. :slight_smile: