Weather stripping install problem

So here’s another pic of the seal compressed…as far as where it came from, I get ALL my stuff from SNG so I can’t even guess where else it might have come from?? However, you could use the pics I sent to all the usuals and ask if they have that seal? Might be worth a try!


searched SNG/Welsh/Xks and came up with this from XKs…same part number by the looks of it…BD28434/1…it also looks like the stuff I used???..


Hello Les,
That appears to be the same Seal I referred to that resolved the Door Slammer issue in my earlier Post, purchased from XK Unlimited and makes more sense than SNG Barratt UK and USA supplying totally different Seals under the same Part Number.



Trying to install the A post weather stripping on my 63 E fhc. I’ve attached a picture of the seal purchased, 50001 and 50002. Problem. The seal fit’s nicely from

the bottom of the door to the to the bottom of the windshield post. From the bottom of the windshield up and back to the quarter window the can rail retainer is to small to accept the weather stripping. What am I missing here?

Hi Harold, I assume (?) that you just asked me this question as to the group. You may be better off asking the group as it was a few years ago I did mine, but I’ll tell you what worked for me as best I can remember.

There are two types (that I know of) of rubber, fairly hard and really squishy, I used t he squishy stuff.

And no it’s not you, it’s a pain… because of the radius of the corners it does seem that the gap is reduced, probably is. What I did was I pushed the upper “corner” in place and then just worked the hell out of the lower “lip” of the rubber in to place. I used a plastic tool used for installing windshields as a screw driver will just destroy it. I also padded the end that fits in your hand/palm with a rag or what ever you have so the non working end of the tool does not destroy your hand!

Good luck, Pat

PS: Remember to clean out any crud in the bent over corners of the metal strip.

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Thank you for the prompt reply. I’ve been told there is a significant difference on the early cars. ??? In any event I’ll go back and look at it, but It is hard for me to believe the wide stripping I have could fit that small of a gap. I did notice that the retainer is factory riveted in some spots and screwed in others. The screws do protrude out more than the rivets sooo. ? Thanks again and I’ll let U know what I end up doing. Harold

Harold you are very welcome, I’ve only restored the one E type and I dare say… never again! The guys on the forum are so much more knowledgably than I am.

I’m not so sure it’s the screw heads, I think it is the width of rubber/narrowness of the strip. Or perhaps more so, the crappy reproduction parts available these days.


The “foot” on the back of the section that runs up the A pillar and over the door should be soft enough to compress into the retainer. I had to use a putty knife and screwdriver flat blade to get it installed, but it went in.

John, let me ask you this. The retainer from the top of the door to the bottom of the door is one size and my weather fit’s fine. However running up the windshield post the retainer is much smaller and is the same size that fits around the quarter windows. Put another way the retainer that secures the can rail is one size and the door retainer is another. My actual A post rubber weather stripping is the same width from the B post to the bottom of the door?? I have attached a picture of the Door retainer BD 23653.

I have seen examples where the A Post rubber is cut off above the door, I guess to accommodate the smaller retainer running up the post. ??! A post Cut off original|666x500

Years ago someone told me the early cars had weather stripping (and retainer) that was different and I’m wondering if the usual’s are now selling “one size fits all”.?

It doesn’t make sense to me that the A Post weather stripping would be one width above the door and another width on the door?

Was your A post retainer the same size as the quarter window retainer? On my car they are all the same width except at the door. ???

My door weather strip had two profiles, one for the front of the door and one for the upper section that ran up the A pillar from the dog leg section and over the window. The “foot” as I described it for the upper part of the door seal was the same size as the rear quarter window seal.

Last question John. Did you “cut” the A post weather stripping at the dog leg or were you able to find the weather stripping going down the door in one stand alone piece? Seem weird to have to cut and throw away half of the rubber.

Sorry this is so late. I had one piece seals that ran along the front of the door opening, then across the dog leg and up the A-pillar and then over the door window openings.