Weber carbs for E Type

Triple Weber 45 DCOE’s. These we purchased new about 8 years and ten thousand miles ago and have been on a modified engine in my '68 E Type that I autocross. The car’s going back to stock, including standard carbs. These are manufactured by Weber, and permit adjustment of air at idle in each barrel. The Webers are jetted with standard stock E Type jets, which are: Main jet 165, Air Corr 190, Em tube F2, Idle 65F8, Acc Pump Jet 40, Pump exhaust valve 50, Choke 36mm. Come complete with hardware to connect to the stock 4.2l throttle linkage (see photos). Includes, air filters and trumpets as shown, plus Weber literature as depicted, including John Passini’s book, long considered the Weber Bible.
This is the same set that Terry’s has currently listed for $2,900.00 U.S,

Carbs are in Victoria B.C. Canada
Price $1650.00 U.S.
Please PM me for details on shipping etc.

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I have an unmodified, '69 OTS with a healthy motor and the two stock Stromberg carbs. Runs fine at our 5,200 ft of altitude in Longmont CO (suburb of Denver) but I’ve always liked the looks of the Weber set up and think it might be entertaining to finally try and install your outlaw set. How complete is yours other than the gasket mating head and manifold, what else would I need?
My zip is 80504 here in Colorado, any idea of shipping costs via a good/safe/reliable carrier (UPS, Fed EX, DHL)? I assume that PayPal would be your choice of payment?
My home email (prefer to using this site) is
look forward to your response

Hi Ric Your E Mail address doesn’t work, at least my EMail program won’t recognize it. The Weber’s will bolt into your car and hook up to both the throttle linkage, and the cooling system, just like the Stromberg’s do. I used them in my Ser 1.5 car which has the same throttle and cooling system stuff as yours. The manifold may be slightly longer than a stock manifold – it is about an inch longer than a triple SU manifold, but I will send you shortened hoses to accommodate that. Your manifold should have an extension piece, shown below, which you will use with the shortened hoses. Weber’s don’t have chokes - they have so called enrichment devices that operate from the top of the carb. This simply enriches the mixture, and has no fast idle device like ordinary chokes do. It sits on top of the carbs and can be hooked up to the stock choke mechanism on a Ser II car – I’m told (one of my friends did it – thou he no longer has the car). My car was a German issue ‘68 so it has a different choke mechanism than yours and incompatible with Weber’s, so I never hooked them up. Weber’s have an accelerator pump so chokes are generally not needed if the cars are operated at above freezing temps. You just give the throttle a couples of pushes to get gas into the manifold.

Paypal is fine. I’ll talk to my local UPS folks and get a quote – I’ll pick up part of the shipping costs as I’m in Canada.


I’m not at all clear as to what’s included in your set up for sale. Can you please itemize the important components?

Hi Ric Included are carbs (3) including jetting recommended for E Type (installed), 36mm chokes (installed), 2 sets (6 each) of velocity stacks one set shorter than the other (not sure how to measure the length of these – both fit inside the filters but the longer set is IMO too close to the end of filter (use without the filter)– see photo in the ad which is the shorter set), 3 air filters, manifold, all throttle linkage enabling you to hook the throttles directly to the bell crank on the firewall (See photos) three Weber books depicted in the photos, several articles on tuning Webers, misc small tools for connecting the throttle linkage, 1 homemade tool for setting float height (already done), from Franc article, 1 gasket kit for 1 Weber carb, 2 shortened rad hoses, 1 fuel pressure regulator. (the rad hoses are for the thermostat bypass, and the top hose from the manifold to the rad)

In other words it’s everything you need to install the carbs on your car, except for fuel hose.

Terry, what’s your home/private email address?

Hi Ric

I’m heading up island this morning - won’t be back until later this afternoon.

What a dream this is. Whew.
Unfortunately I can only dream.
But what a daydream!

I had a 1.5 S1 E as well. I can still feel it, how it drove, needed to breathe with the 2 ZS.
Would have loved to experienced the difference with these.
All the best.

Hi Ric Shipping costs will be $100.00 US sig required and insured to $1700.00 US. UPS standard about 7 days delivery.

sent you an email on the 27th. If you received it please respond.

Hi Ric You asked for my email address - it’s: