Welding water passages in the e-type 3.8 block?

(Tadek) #1

I seem to have a problem with one water passage on the block:

Can it be welded or are there better techniques nowadays? How weldable are the XK blocks?


(Paul Wigton) #2

It can be done… by a very experienced welder.

(Paul Wigton) #3

Yea: tried the “hero mechanic who can do it ALL!!”" BS… then found out I was costing myself money.

Same goes for carpeting, tile-laying, and window replacement…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Jeff Smith) #4

Yes it is expensive and some will try to weld it and make even a bigger mess. Make sure and get mulitple recommendations. JS

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(wardell) #5

Does the damage sit within the area of the gasket. ?

(Lovell) #6

Am i the only one who thinks its odd that only one passage is affected?

The hardest part of this repair is needing to put this in an oven to preheat after its been prepped.

(Gary Mees) #7

When I worked for a jaguar restoration in the UK they cut out the affected area welded in new aluminum and then machine and everything as it should be I can’t say it was cheap but it can’t be done

(Ed Nantes) #8

Metaloc would be a safer method. They do excellent work and it’s almost impossible to see the join afterwards.

(David Langley) #9

I believe we are talking about the block here (cast iron), not the head…

(Peter Crespin) #10

David, darling - do try to keep up. Gary was describing the current fashion for bi-metallic blocks. In the early laps they lean right to help build a lead on clockwise tracks. By the end when fully hot they lean left to provide ‘plausible deniability’ at the post-race Steward’s Meeting if charged with overly-aggressive left swerves in defence of said lead. Technology - it’s wunnerful