Welsh Calendar 2020

Got the new calendar looks like some of our club members made the big time!
Great job!

Congrats! How does one get ( Edited Post Below Next ) one of those calendars?

Well I bought parts so that’s probably the ticket
Call Dave tomorrow maybe he sells them?

My bad! I meant how does one get IN one of those calendars …
(I have since found out- thanks)

Buy parts😀
It’s the easiest way to Dave’s heart

I was sent a 2018 calendar I assumed because I bought parts the year before. I didn’t get a 2019 nor a 2020 because, so I assume, I haven’t bought anything from them since 2017.

I consider not getting a calendar a reasonable trade off for not having to buy parts. :grin:

Maybe I can get in the next one since I bought a truckload of parts from them in 1985 - 87. Yathink?

suit your self. I call that a miracle

I don’t know that the quantity of parts purchased makes any difference – more likely they are just looking for a good mix of colors and models.

Miss August 2015:

Needless to say, in my garage it was August every month that year.

I like that!