Were 6.70 X 16 Dunlops ever used on the XK's?

The ad sounded too good to pass up. Set of 5 NOS Dunlops used on Jag XK’s.

So now I have BIG sedan tires that are so old they should not be used except to drive on and off the trailer, but they are pretty. My question is were they ever an option on the XK’s? Awhile back I did confirm on the saloon forum that they were the size for MK5, 7, 8, 9.



6.00 X 16 was the standard size on all XKs, 120, 140 and 150.


description details please…of all that is on them,…RS4, RS5 or other…photos. Interesting to know about the Dunlops of the old times. You asked…“ever”. Not from factory,.but afterwards of course owners could use whatever fit. 6.50-16 was sometimes installed.
and as you know…yes, off/on trailer and slow roll only…have a spare handy. Nick