Western Jaguar - What has happened to them?

Hello Friends,

Does anyone know what has happened to Cordell Newby and Western Jaguar? His website is no longer functioning and he hasn’t responded to any of my e-mails. He’s been such a helpful person so I’m quite concerned.



I think he retired., smelling the roses, I suppose doing all those things they show well groomed pension aged people with a resemblence to George Clooney doing on superannuation fund advertisements doing.Appearing on Escape to the Country { or Continent]
Living the dream I think it’s called.

Hi Ed,

There was no announcement on his website or any notification sent to his customers. I had last bought some lenses for my MKIV from him in July and nothing was said then which is disappointing. Has someone taken over his inventory / parts / business?

I really liked dealing with him.


His email address has changed to 50jag38@gmail.com
I assume he won’t mind me handing it out?
Cheers, Graham

Hi Graham,

Thank you for the message.

Does that mean he has retired and the business has closed?



He had mentioned to me about wanting to retire and do some work on his own car. [ MK V}

Hi Ed,
What about all his wonderful spare parts, not to mention knowledge? I fear that this will be happening more and more in the ‘push-rod’ world as aficionados reach greater ages. :thinking:

The PAIN I’m going through with my latest E TYPE as all my oem parts guys, machinest and all the rest have retired or gone to the Jaguar cloud in the sky is disheartening .
I like the progress on my car, but I’m getting older too and there is NO SUPPORT OTHER THAN WHAT WE HAVE LEFT.

Hi Tim.
Cordell still regularly lists items on Ebay so you could ask him that question from one of his items to confirm.
He made no mention to me of intending or having closed his business.
His Ebay trading name is oldgoat509
Regards, Graham.

Thanks very much for that Graham.

He’s been so helpful with so many parts while restoring my MKIV and getting my MKV back on the road.

I shall make contact through eBay as you suggest.

Kind regards,

Cordell Newby is reachable for business at 509.662.7748 in Washington state USA time zone. Having just hung up the phone with him, he is shipping me some Mark V parts as usual.

Tim Itsworth having a look at the age and above ground status of people supplying pushrod/ SS1 parts

Hi Ed,

Do you have such a list? I suppose we will all appear on it sooner or later, preferably later!:thinking:
[Luke 25:5.]
Onwards and upwards!:wink:


Or onwards and downwards for non- believers.

Peter ;-(

Sorry Peter,

I just couldn’t help myself in response to Ed’s comments. The reference was, “…why are you looking for the living among the dead?”:wink: Guess I’ll be in the downwards queue these days.


I’ll save you a space…:crazy_face:

The self-righteous go up and the righteous down. Sounds like the way most institutions operate?!!
Tim :innocent:

Ignoring the religious…stuff…, I’ve seen much of this “passing of the torch/dying of the light” stuff, in my short time upon the planet. For those of us who possess the knowledge on how to fix our old cars, we are some of the last lineage that can keep them rolling.

The sources I had, in the Western parts of the US, who knew how to work on, or who sold/provided services the likes of us old farts knew of and required, are almost all gone, and those, like you, Cordell, and me, are getting more and more difficult to find.

Such is the passage of time: I’m an atheist, but the Jesuits did teach me a few things…James 4:14.


Well, yes, the downwards road is not a joke; the end described is real.
Having turned onto the upwards road 45 years ago when I realized I was broken down and needed the tow truck, I am under repair by the Master Mechanic, and although there is only one tow truck, there is room on this truck for many more broken downs. All that is required is to admit you need the tow truck and make the call.
Read the Service Manual, I recommend the English Standard Version. Whether you are rusted, neglected, dirty, wrecked, torn, crashed and burned, none are refused at the Master’s shop, all can be restored.
The Master Mechanic has paid the bill. 1 John 1:7-9

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