What a great community! Silicone squeeze here I come

Hi all,

I am so glad I found this forum. I have learnt so much already. Kirby’s “handbook” (rather a tome) is fantastic. I am excited to attempt the “silicone squeeze” next time I pop the hood open on my '89 XJ-S. I hope to not screw that up, being entirely mechanically inept!

I’ve wanted an XJ-S ever since seeing it the first time when I was a kid. Finally got one a couple of years ago and absolutely love it (including the few times that it has left me stranded, or needing me to push it across a busy Chicago intersection to safety, realizing the heft of the this machine!). Plus I can fit both my kids in the back when I pick them up from school, no minivan required. It is more fun to drive than my '13 M5, or the '70 250C!

Looking forward to continued learning and many more miles.


250c? What as sweet sweet sweet special rare little ride. The XJS is faster, but the 250C has just a merry little hum and a comfy ride. Nice car. That’s my want some day (well any of the coupes between 68 and 72).

~Paul K.

@V12JagGuy The 250 is fun. It’s a 4 speed, so gets my 3 pedal itch scratched. And roomy for family rides, in style. I need to get the carbs sorted though…come spring!

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Dual Zeniths 35/40 INATs? They’re fantastic carbs sorted. Just make sure you get any warp out by flatting them on 400 grit on glass. Ultrasonic cleaning helps too. Seat the valve balls very gently with a brass punch and a tiny tap.

~Paul K.

That’s my Story. :slight_smile:
I can remember the first time I saw an XJ-S. I was about 5 or 6, and was with my parents going to some fancy brunch in Newport Beach CA. I was awe struck. Some 20 years later, I acquired my first Jaguar ‘88 XJ-S. At the time I wasn’t looking for an Jaguar, I was looking for a BMW estate to haul the kids around in. I saw the XJ-S sitting unloved in the corner of the dealers’ lot.
I inquired about it, they got it road worthy, and it’s been mine ever since. who says an infant car seat won’t fit in a XJ-S back seat?

Owning Jag’s has turned out to be somewhat of an affliction to me. Since then, I’ve acquired.

  • '02 XJR-100 with a broken supercharger - once again wasn’t looking for a Jag. This time it was a Maserati Quattraporte. Go figure. Same dealer too. The XJR-100 is another rare machine only 500 ever built, celebrating Sir William Lyons 100th birthday.
  • '85 XJ6 that didn’t run - figuring I had the parts to make it go. I did. a $50.00 coil. :smiley:
  • '74 SWB XJ6. SWB (Short Wheel Base) Series II Saloon… Who cares, right? well after much digging, I’ve discovered these are somewhat rare. to the mest of my research, there are only 5 left. The rest have been dissolved and reclaimed by mother earth, or turned into toasters. This one I found on craigs list as a parts car, I traded the bits the owner wanted for the car. It was way too good to be a parts car.
  • '87 XJ-SC this was a purchase for spares; an insurance total. BUT the PO had taken such good care of this car, I’m going to put it back together. I just need to find the top. It’s gone missing.
  • '89 XJ-S convertible. another no runner. this car had been sitting out in the weather. easy fix, cleaned the grounds. needs a thorough once over. Brakes, and suspension bits
  • '86 XJ6 - picked up in another no runner, been left in a field. under a tree, Oddly enough it’s in pretty good shape, a coil, timing chain adjustment, & alternator. good to go. and a very strong running car. This one was for my daughter; but she didn’t want it. :slightly_frowning_face:
    *72 XJ6 - It’s pink. yep pink. It’s the openener for my YouTube Channel Jag Mods

How many have I sold? Ummm… None.

See a pattern here? I’m the Florence Nightingale of Jaguars. Well… without the fancy frock, and the girly bits, and well bad analogy… another go.
I rescue jags that are in relatively good nick that are one tire away from being crushed. their night in dirty coveralls.

So… I have a problem… The first step is admitting it, Right?! Does anyone know where I can find a a Jaguars’ Anonymous meeting?

Welcome to the community. This motley lot is a group of truly fantastic people!

cheers Mate!


Circa 1953, I was stationed in Germany. one way or another I got a Jaguar itch. Looking around Mannheim, I came upon a Jaguar dealership. Newer one, not likely!!!
But, alas, the gents in the pinstripes paid little attention to this young yank!! it would have been one of the Mark series… No interest in a trade in or even financing ??? Very unlike USA car lots???

Settled on a new MG TD!!! Sold my trade in, they not interested either.

The itch was subdued for decades. then circa 2001, it resurfaced, big time. A local “classic” car outfit displayed a Grossvenor Brown 83 SIII. Wifey fell for it.
tis still in my garage…


I wish my Wifey fell all over any of my Jags (well she does like the '02 XJR (not my favorite of the lot). She considers them all to be junk; and give me an ear full when she discovers the trailer and I have gone off for an adventure.

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Nope, you don’t need to do that. You just need more room.
Maybe something like this. Since it’s near you, a visit would inspire you to continue on.


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I’ve got two storage units with Jags and parts right now. It’s my holding area.

Hey Jerry if your close to the LeMay U-See-Um, you’re not very far from me, I’m in Olympia WA. Stop by!! PM me and I’ll give you my phone number.

Ronald McDonald - lucky guy


Welcome to the forum.

I’ve always loved jags! From '86 to '91, every day while I was in college, I walked past a champaign colored XJS coupe, and would think… wow!, if I’m ever successful enough to own one of those, I’d be soooo lucky! Little did I realize that about 15 years later, I’d pick up an XJS in the same color, but also a CONVERTIBLE, for a comparatively paltry sum – definitely not the price tag of a rich-mans car! :slight_smile: and I"ve been hooked ever since. I love my jag… although it has cost me money and time over the years, but still… it’s like owning a boat in terms of the love-hate relationship. Again, welcome!

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I stopped paying people to work on my Jags because, like a boat, it became a huge hole in the tarmac in which to toss money into. I paid the local Jaguar specialist. I have for all intent and purpose 10 grand US tied up into the car and I still can’t drive my XJ-S. It’s been hugely satisfying. My YouTube channel is Jag Mods


Just a mere 148 due miles south. Will PM you. I would highly recommend anyone coming to the area to stop and visit LeMay. We were there on opening day. Don’t recall the McDonald statue. Had my AH3000 replica on the grass and was surrounded by very expensive company. Have been to his house and his collection at Marymount. Got to exchange pleasantries with Harold twice. One time, he was in greasy overalls running a hit-miss engine. He was just a great guy.

They also have an Avanti - serial # 1001

The local Jaguar club (The Seattle one) has a “Concours” there every August. I’ve always wanted to bring a car but, I don’t have anything especially nice to show. As you probably already know all of my XJ’s were one tire away from being turned into

Is it just me who see’s the irony here? :smile:

I had 4 tickets to LeMay’s U-See-Um, but I couldn’t find anyone that would go with me. :frowning: None of my kids are care people, my wife is sick of cars. Go figure.

Here’s a fun fact.
When I was a kid, I worked in an auto parts store doing outside sales. Harold LeMay was one of my best clients. One day, Harold, asked what do you know about cars? I pointed a some hubcaps that were laying around, and I said, well that’s from a 54 Buick roadmaster, and that one is special it’s off a '64 Impala SS. I rattled on. He looked at me an nodded. Not bad kid, not bad. then he walked out the door. He looked at me and said, “Well kid, Don’t just stand there.” He then proceed to take me around the yard, There were pristine cars stacked 3 high on shelves like books. I was in heaven! I talked, he pertended to listen, he’d correct me when I was wrong.
I spent about half a day with him wondering the “sheds” and looking and listening about cars, and how he acquired certain cars, and the history behind another one. It was one of the best days of my life.

Since your south of LeMay You’d be driving right past my place. So you have t stop.

Thank you for sharing
OH, the McDonalds statue isn’t at LeMay it’s gone now, but it was on 38th Street


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