What are these hubcaps from?

Found 4 of these in a box at the back of an old workshop.
Wondering what model they are from and if someone would want them.
Thank you.

Any model of Jaguar from about 1949( Mk5) until 1968. They then went to a simpler design as used on XJ, 240, 340 etc.

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Thank you.
Is it worth trying to find them a new home or just trash?

Hard to say, Eric.
A whole bunch of people have converted their saloons to wire wheels, so these things are around in abundance, but like many things in the car world, trends change and perhaps people will start to appreciate the cars as they came with disc wheels, not so flashy, easier to clean, etc, so disc wheels may come back in fashion. But short answer is, not worth much, and probably not worth keeping, but they don’t take up much space. Wall or garden art? They look like they will polish up ok.

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If you do want to try selling them here please use the classifieds section.

I bought 5 of them for $100 recently.

What diameter are they? 10-1/2" ?


60s s type

Check your local Ebay is a good way to ascertain sale values

depends on condition

yours dont look great

@abowie price sounds about right

I personally would rather either offer a part for sale, (or just for postage on this site) than throw away a 50+ yr old Jaguar part :smiley: