What are your thoughts on this 1967

Morning, Hope all are well…

I saw this 1967 listed today.


What are your thoughts?

Is the price so Low because of a possible replaced engine?

Thanks and God Bless Our Families, Signed Ryan

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Hard to say: being a 2+2 brings down the desirability, a bit, but a PPI would be needed before any judgment could be made.

IF it’s a decent car, that would be a great one to have.


That dealership is in an area that saw many E-types purchased and kept for years, and they have always gotten ‘first dibs’ on most of the cars from that area. They have a good reputation for having cars at reasonable prices and many times, they are the place to pick up a decent car or a ‘fixer-upper’. If you are in the market, like me, for just a car to tinker on and have once again, then this is a good spot to find one. The ‘perfect’ and near perfect cars are mostly expensive restorations or survivors, and are priced accordingly. Best advice: go look and put your hands on the car. Buy the best one you can afford. You will always be ahead.

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I lived in LA for many years and went to this dealership many times. I can’t understand them at all. They have cheaper cars that seem to be very nice and more expensive cars that need to go to the crusher. I think they price it for the market they plan to sell it in. By this I mean they sell cars all over the world.

If interested fly out and look at it. You can also ask for more pictures and they have a lift to use for viewing if you are in their shop.


Looks like a Ser 1.25 2+2, 3x SU’s, Ser 1 style armrests and toggle switches, so the rare and ideal combo for anyone who prefers open headlamps and a backseat for kids or grandkids! :+1:


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I’ts on the high side unless it is in prefect condition. But then, Beverly Hills Car Club is always waaaaay overpriced.
Just between you and me, over the back yard fence, I suspect there is some issue with it so that it is “not as advertised”.
LLoyd (but then, ewe no, I are just a rithmetician)

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I share Lloyd and wiggy’s concerns, the pictures raise some concerns for me that looking at the car in person would resolve. The picture of the boot, why is it a different color and why does it look ‘rough’ where moisture can collect, same thing with the under sides near the sills-just doesn’t look like clean metal to me so I would want to see it with my own eyes or someone who I trusted with these cars. JM2CW
PS: What is the ‘gizmo’ on the speedometer cable and why?


I’ll betray my preference for the S2 2+2. The later models had the pushed forward windshield, which salvaged the profile. It’s a bit awkward with the S1 upright windscreen. You should try to see an S1 2+2 before you decide, and always get a pro inspection.

I don’t think this car is badly priced, but you really have to get an in person opinion if you can’t go yourself.


I’ve had both FHC and 2+2 …… coupe prettier, 2+2 more practical ( other than the +2 bit) for longer journeys doesn’t feel as cramped…… but love them both


That appears to be a speedo cable gearbox designed to adapt to a changed rear end ratio (the speedo fitted seems to be for the original 3.54:1 ratio). No mention of it in the details though. There are more photos on the BHCC web site: 1967 Jaguar XKE Series I 2+2 | Beverly Hills Car Club though mostly of the service receipts from a while back. A PPI would be in order by someone who knows where to look for rust. The black paint on the trunk floor suggests that would be one area worth looking at, as well as the sills etc. Could be a good buy if solid. The reputation of BHCC is that their list price is just a starting point for negotiation.


your comment: BHCC is that their list price is just a starting point for negotiation. ////my question, please: So, perhaps the selling price could go lower? /thanks in advance, Signed Ryan

See if they have copies of the $44,600+ in service receipts for the car. If they can share them, it could help in forming an idea on what’s been done to the car over the years.


From reading another thread on here the 44K in receipts may have just been a new clutch. LOL.


As with any used car purchase, you should expect to be able to negotiate the asking price down. With BHCC I’ve heard that they set their asking prices high to give them considerable room to make you feel you got a good deal. That doesn’t mean that you did though… Do your due diligence and get the car inspected by someone who knows what they are looking for.

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That’s funny :smile: but not for the guy that got the Bill

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Look up the contact info on the web, don’t go through the site to make sure someone isn’t spoofing.

Also the other 4 cars shown seem awfully low priced. A Big Healey for 26K?

Haven’t been o BHCC site for a long time but they used to have a “view inventory”.

tha’ts not just paint on the trunk floor, it’s rustproofing…which always hides some thing.

see if they still have in on view inventory and if they do ask for a lister to go check it out…if still good then get a pro PPI

Also, what 's with the extra ground on the back up light?

Seams are still under fenders. good sign.

Anyone else have a problem with where they put the lift pads?

The RH floor to rocker seam has been buggered.

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My brother in law in Florida once found a car in Seattle and asked me (in San Jose) to go look at it for him. It was a nice looking 2+2 auto for $25k. It had been owned its whole life by an MD who worked or lived next to the Jag agency and frequently dropped it off for service. I flew up and was underwhelmed by the car.The rear hatch door was warped and wouldn’t close so it had leaked. I drove the car and it was way underpowered. I paid them to do a compression check and it was around 70/cyl. I took the engine number down and sent it to JL forum and found it was a sedan engine. He did not buy it.
Look at it closely Mike Moore

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On the front? Not the best, but if sill/floors in good shape, will work.

On the rear? I often lifted/jacked at the same points.

On my ex 2+2? Rock solid. All four. But only one was original. Three were welded onto new outer sill surface.