What colour pinstripe to match white

I love the pinstripes that accent the wonderful body line from front to back.

I think it adds to the beauty, and draws the eyes. I agree with Dr. A; I hate it when there’s an added lower door protector strip that interferes/ruins the look.

I have a S1 that has been repainted a white which does not match the original Olde English White (too bad for me). Nonetheless, I want to help it by adding a stripe. I’ve looked through Thorley’s book, and don’t see any images to get a sense of what colour would be good.

The interior is Navy, so maybe a soft blue?


Thanks, and good luck with your Jaguars this year,


Agree. The white needs a stripe aka coach line. My vote would be to go with the suggested “soft blue”.

Way back when, one of my friends was the paint guy at the family owned collision shop.
Growing wizardry at matching paint after a repair. From him, I learned of the subtle differences in “white” paint. In CA’s Imperial valley, white cars were popular…

Decades ago, in Germany, a fellow officer had his 50 Buick repaired.by a German shop. SS trim along one side duplicated in polished and solid aluminum. Masterful/ Matched perfectly !!!

Much later, I envisaged a big trace mill at work!!! l


AI think a double gold ( one thick one thin ) pinstripe looks good on most colours


I’m not sure whether this applies to SI cars, but I seem to remember that - while Daimler cars received hand painted coach lines - there were only two colours of glued on coach lines for working man’s Jaguars available, one being Oyster (my car sports these on fern grey paint), the other Silver Grey I think. For later cars I found Dark Red, Gold Leaf, Gunmetal and Oyster. But yes, they always are a combination of wide and narrow line.

Frankly, with the chrome Turbo Wheels and chrome bullet rear view mirrors, I’d leave it as it is - a magnificent car that needs nothing else.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

I am also of the view that the big sides on a S1 need something to draw the eye. The body hip line is the spot. As soon as I get my driver’s door properly aligned I’m going maroon thick/thin. The interior is oxblood and the exterior is OEW.

I removed the stripe on one side and it didn’t look as good. I think the white needs a pin stripe and would agree on using the factory colours. Matching the interior also sounds tasteful.
Don’t wrap the stripes all the way to the front if that is not factory original, mine (S3) start ~4 in behind the lights.

Sorry, have to correct myself: the glued-on coachlines are single.

David is right about the distance from the front edge of the wing.

And yes, my car would definitely lack the coach line if it weren’t there - but then it is a dark car and the coach line is lighter. Darker coachlines always seem to be more demanding.

From looking at some pictures it looks though as if all SI cars came without coach lines stock: Sir William’s own car apparently came without coach line

. This picture is taken from the original prospectus I think.

This one’s even green without coach line

I found another white over blue SI car, reportedly in original paint and without coach lines https://www.dreikommazwei.de/fahrzeuge/jaguar-xj6-serie-1-28-ltr-makellos-original-1-hd/

It seems even Daimlers did without https://s1241.photobucket.com/user/impactmd/library/DAIMLER?sort=3&page=1

Frankly, I’d take any of them without an urge to glue coach lines on.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Well now I’m confused at a higher level!

It would have been easier if there had been consensus.

It just seems to me that this car needs one, perhaps because it was painted a bland white rather than OEW. The line doesn’t pop the way it does on others.

I find the Euro cars without side marker lights seem to need the stripe more than the rest.

Jochen, thank you researching; those were great photos. The white Daimler link did have stripes though, and that Fern green car looked good with a single stripe.

I might try buying some stripes, but only lightly tape them in position without removing the backing, and have a look.

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thanks from mme for the pictures as well. I’ve no horse in this race. But, sure enjoy looking sat nice cars!!!


Your’s sure fits in that category. Not minding straying from original, my vote is to put on the stripe!!

My bas 83 has 'em in gold. Go well with it’s Grosvenor brown. I like 'em
My Jeep has 'em. in different colors. Makes it’s Pewter look a lot better.


Thanks Robert - the fern grey car is mine … but it is SII.

Why do you think the white car linked has coach lines? Am I even more blind than I was aware?

One thing coming to mind is combining darkish steel wheels (e.g. dark grey, dark blue) with chrome hub caps, rimbellishers and matching coach lines.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Here’s our XJ6 - OEW, at the All British Day last September. Perhaps a single maroon stripe per Jochen’s example would suit. We repainted this car from original OEW - there were no stripes from factory.