What colour, please?

I’m trying to sort out what parts on my 140DHC should be what colour, and would appreciate some help.
I’m pretty sure that all the bonnet latch mechanism parts mounted to the car below the grille should be body colour, and Viart confirms this. However, although the part attached to the actual bonnet, described in the book as ‘Hook and Striker Assembly’ (p.350), the colour for this is not clear. On my car these were black, but the car had a respray very many years ago and it’s not at all clear if the black was always there or not. The underside of the bonnet was also black (car was Carmen Red).
I’m assuming the underside of the bonnet should be body colour. What colour should the bonnet hook and striker assembly, with the two wings going up alongside the grille, be please?

Good question…I also would like to know the answer.
As well, can anyone else provide information as to the colours of the adjustable striker, spring retainer, spring, and the bolts, set screws, washers and nuts for a 1956 DHC?

You might ask the question another way; what was attached to the bonnet before it went through the paint line, and what was attached later?
Anything attached later, like the spring latch, would be black.
paint line Browns Lane
Cars painted after mid 1952 in synthetic lacquer when they moved to Brown’s Lane with the rotisserie equipment would have body color under the bonnet.

Was the Bonnet catch added later, though? The part of the mechanism on the main body is body colour, so presumably that was added to the body before painting. As the underside of the bonnet is body colour, wouldn’t the mechanism that attaches to it also have been attached before painting, and therefore should be body colour?
Anyone know?

On my '55 140 DHC which I have owned for 51 years the underneath of the bonnet is body colour and I am 100% certain it is original.

Restorer32, could you please be more specific? Are you saying that every component on the underside of the bonnet is body colour, or only the underside of the sheet metal bonnet itself?

In the meantime, on page 26 of Clausagers Jaguar XK140/150 In Detail book, shows a black and white picture of what seems to be the underside of the bonnet of a light coloured 140 in the factory: the striker, spring, spring retainer and a few fasteners are dark coloured and are not painted body colour. The vertical air splitters are black.

On page 42 of Porters original XK 3rd edition, shows the underside of the bonnet of a white 140, where every component is white, with the exception of the striker, spring, spring retainer which appear to be darkish/ corroded.

(Page 108 of Porters 1st edition shows the entire latching assembly mounted on the BODY of a 140 to be body colour, which is consistent with Viarts images on page 350.)

I will check this evening. I painted the car yellow in 1968, no idea why I chose that color but I did not paint the underside of the bonnet which is the original Suede Green.

Apologies. I was unable to look at the car last evening due to an unscheduled medical issue but I will definitely look today. Any other questions re the engine compartment? As far as fit and finishes the engine compartment is untouched since new and has been sitting in my garage for 51 years.

I hope it’s nothing serious, restorer32, and don’t put health at risk just for some paint colour advice!
I’d like to know about all the bonnet latch parts, those below the grille and those attached to the bonnet, including the wind deflectors bolted to the sides of the grille and the bonnet locking pin and associated parts, please.

Well, it seems that when I painted the exterior of the car in 1968 I painted all the bonnet latching hardware also. I can confirm that the "wings’ that direct air flow thru the radiator were originally black. The bonnet hinges were body color, which surprises me. The bonnet prop rod was black.

I’ve had a very close look at all the latch parts I took off the car, and both sets, fitted to the car and those fitted to the bonnet, have only very old black paint on them. This is flaking off in places with no sign of primer beneath, or the original Carmen Red. Any other parts which the previous owner repainted have had red beneath them, and it’s hard to believe he removed all the paint from these. They have never been blasted, with smooth metal where the paint has flaked. I think, therefore, that these parts should all be black.
Bonnet and boot hinges on my car were body colour. The bonnet and boot props are listed in Viart as being a pale grey colour, probably the same as the seat frames, and that I can believe - although the two prop rods on my car were spiral-wrapped with a very attractive thick plastic glitter tape…
Thanks for going to all the trouble to check for us, restorer32.

What I am looking for is someone to explain to me why I painted the car yellow in 1968. What was I thinking? Not a good color for an XK. Happily it is so deteriorated that it will have to be repainted. Likely the original Suede Green with a French Grey top. My bonnet prop is definitely black. Didn’t think to check the boot prop.

Just checked back in Viart, and can’t find any mention of the bonnet prop so I’m sure you’re right with black. He does say the boot prop should be light grey.