What did you buy for Christmas?

(Mitchell Andrus) #41

If you push air in, the fumes will escape at every gap/opening. Pulling air out allows you to control where the fumes go and the direction of air flow.

Easy enough to Google this to get more info than I’m willing to type.

(Jack Terrick '66 FHC Greensburg, PA) #42

Tickets to 2019 Goodwood Revival!

(69 FHC ) #43

I just did. What I read would tell me you want balanced or slight positive pressure.

(Eric) #44

The primary reason I purchased a true HVLP turbine system for Christmas is that the overspray issue is greatly reduced. These systems use a large diameter hose (high volume) and the guns are nothing like the “HVLP” guns used with a conventional piston air compressor. They lay down a lot of paint very quickly with minimal overspray. Since I’m spraying my vehicle piecemeal, the sessions will be short duration. I’m betting on all of these factors to marginalize the design of the booth as a significant issue. Heating the booth, and sealing the connection between the house and the attached garage are the main design issues. I’ll report back next week if I can get the media blaster to start delivering stripped parts. (I tried chemically stripping the epoxy primer that was on the vehicle and gave up). Looking like I’ll get to try out my Christmas present during the holidays.

(69 FHC ) #45


I full agree with your reasoning. If I were buying spray painting equipment to paint the whole car I’d be buying an HVLP system.

(Mitchell Andrus) #46

Yes, I know that positive pressure is preferred if the booth is totally enclosed, leak-proof and has a sealed door, floor, walls. In this instance you do want the make-up air to be ONLY the filtered air introduced by the blowers blowing air into the booth.

I don’t know anyone with this kind of $20K+ booth at their home.

With plastic sheeting hanging on clips you do NOT want to blow air into this area because the contaminated air would leak out of every crevasse, joint and gap. Pressurizing a home-spun booth such as this pretty much renders the plastic sheeting useless.

In a home-made booth made of leak-prone plastic sheeting, negative pressure inside the booth is the only way to get contaminated air out of the booth and the space in which the booth is contained.

Don’t confuse a sealed space with an unsealed space.

(69 FHC ) #47

I’m not, even professional booths are not 100% air tight.

(Bill Bilotti 1966 S1 OTS (in boxes)) #48

don’t eat the food. …20…

(BrendanM) #49

You will never go to a better motoring event…

(Jack Terrick '66 FHC Greensburg, PA) #50

Yeah, will be my 2nd time. Once just whetted my appetite for more. And my wife enjoyed it as much as I did.

(Kevin) #51

Bought myself a CoolCat38 fan for the old girl. Figured she might enjoy some cooler temperatures come next summer.

(Pekka T.) #52


Sorry, I don’t think I get it. We have been there five years in a row now, but will miss 2019, for a couple of reasons.

I would like to drive my own car there, but most likely not the V12 OTS ( we were this year with the OTS at FOS) but rather the XJ6C. Why?

Well, on a longer trip, closed car, A/C, nice vintage surround stereo, sooooo much more luggage space and it seats 4-5 people in comfort.

Maybe I’ll do it in 2020. :slight_smile:

About the food, I thought most of the fast food was good, but we have now booked a table a few times in the Richmond lawn tent. Excelleny food, really good service, very enjoyable if one is not disturbed by the ballroom music and all the dancing going on inside the tent. Seating is limited, have to book in good time, it may help if you are a “Fellow” like me.


(Larry Carbol) #53

A Mota-Lita steering wheel for my Series 3. Not original but I love the look!

(Ole Würtz) #54

I’ve had my Motolita for 35 years and in my S3 for the last 3. 13" diameter plus reduced power assist. Love it !

(phillip keeter) #55

Well, not to brag but…I bought myself a Euro (Original Jag!) series 2 bumper kit from a fellow JL’r for my '76 XJC and have already started the conversion by removing the bonnet. Not too bad so far. No heat in garage so will need to wait for another warm wave to continue. “Let the slimming begin!”
Will post before and after photos.

(Paul Wigton) #56

One of the best mods I ever did to the XKE: made it so much more comfortable, to drive.

(Larry Carbol) #57

And today, Boxing Day, I bought a propane heater so I can work in the garage this winter!

(Paul Wigton) #58

Pre-rocket motor (diesel-fueled salamander), I restored Tweety with a coal-fired potbelly stove, as heat.

Not optimal for spraying primer…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When I was ready to do so, I’d let the coal stove go out, then use the salamander to get it all warm, shut it off, then prime.

(Andrew Waugh) #59

We have a similar unit which is propane powered. The shop has in-floor radiant heat, but… the fan makes a great roadspeed airflow simulator when you’re trying to adjust the electronic tstat for an e-fan, and also helps cool an engine you want to work on a bit faster than just letting it sit.

(Larry Carbol) #60

Well Paul, I can just picture sitting by a pot-belly stove admiring the beautiful shape of an Etype with a small snifter of Brandy in hand while a blizzard rages outside! Hoping to replicate the same with my new propane heater, (certified for indoor use). Have a great New Year, only 4 months more winter!