What did you do to your E-Type today? (Part 2)

My excuse was always “that’s why I have a secretary “…… much more pleasant to ask a long legged , blue eyed, blonde , unfortunately mine were always the opposite, but wonderful support and best of all could spell

with my luck…

Mine was finished on 20th November 1962 - 861017. It has coupe seats, so the good folk in procurement must have got their sh1t together by then.

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Decided to give the Isuzu clutch slave mod a go. Got the 1990 Isuzu Trooper complete slave cylinder locally. Wasn’t quite as simple as it looked to change the parts out and get it to work. Had to cut the spring down about 1/2”. The Rod I modified to thread into the actuator as I wanted to use the rubber gator. Tight fit. The rubber cup was a bit light fitting and ended up leaking some fluid. Went to the local parts store and went thru their orphan box and came up with a slightly bigger rubber and that worked good. Once the bleed was done seems to be good. Hope it lasts a long time. I do have the part number for the replacement rubber somewhere.
Bru 69 OTS

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Started down the path of fabricating brake lines for our rhd conversion. It’s actually turning out pretty well I think! All the fittings screw in by fingers, so I guess my old A&P experience is useful after all.

I bought one of these for straightening and bending. It’s a right PITA to uncoil and straighten the 1/4" lines, but the results are good.


It’s an easy job with Nico sil lines I just bend them around a 11/4 socket or thereabouts. Check the female connections twice to be sure there either bubble or double flair and you have the right male fitting or you’ll be well pissed off with the leak

Those are Cu/nickel lines not copper?

Correct. Not copper.

Education is never wasted.


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Not all Spring drives involve daffodils and tulips.


Finally put the engine in. Put it in from below.

With a lift and the table I made it went in without any drama.


Well done Fred.

It’s apparent you think things through.

Yesterday afternoon I removed the dash crash pad to adjust the heater cables. One had slipped out of position. That entailed removing the steering wheel. I took the opportunity to neaten up some other stuff as well, and polish the steering wheel spokes.



  • Colorado?
  • Wyoming?
  • Montana?
  • Idaho
  • Alberta?
  • Saskatchewan?

License plate is Washington if that means anything…

Now – –

how the h3ll did I miss that!!

Galena Pass and the Stanley Basin, Idaho. We split time between Seattle and Ketchum.


Very pretty country

And nice clear and clean roads

Today I found out I was neglecting the ash tray that I never used, so I cleaned it up.

I also got the courage to polish my car with an Adam’s polisher at speed 2, didn’t use the compound.
I was worried that old paint might get damaged, but it came out beautiful. I bought the polisher a year ago and eased into using it. I know I got nothing else to do to the car after months on crib stands
and completing many projects.
Thanks guys


Interesting color so just what is that called. Maybe butterscotch