What did you do to your E-Type today? (Part 2)

squirters first thing. then hook up the screen washer temporarily and power it up, see if it squirts while you can still look under and see if they are leaking.

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My mom, being a seamstress and quite clever, devised a harness that I could wear that the hose would clip to, then go over my shoulder… That sure made things a whole lot easier!

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Now that makes a lot of sense. The air hose for the supplied air respirator comes attached to its own belt that positions the hose behind your back at waist level. Works.

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My hose problem happily was not dragging them across the car body, it was getting them tangled on the floor and getting caught on the rotisserie base, And mine has the clip-on belt as well, you could not keep the mask on without it.

In terms of DIY painting, I decided early on that I was going to do almost everything myself and learn what I needed to learn as I went. I am just a guy who refuses to acknowledge his limitations. The only exception made so far was the refresh of the BW-12 transmission and torque converter.


I hold the gun in my right bring the hose over my right shoulder and hold the hose in my left hand so it wraps your back like a towel .if you have a system that works that’s all that matters Nick . Someone was asking so I chimed in with how I learned . If someone is learning it’s a good technique because you can spray the roof, painting is all muscle :muscle: memory so you want to do it the same each time . Keeping track of hoses is a pain you’ve got to be organized or you’ll be tripping on them and doing a lot worse that dragging hoses over fenders , falling on your parts :flushed:
You might get away with wiping off lacquer but you sure won’t a polyurethane

Some people use a Vacume cleaner for a fresh air pump I guess that’s a rotary pump :grinning:Cheers got to go squirt some paint dam it found some more bodywork paint will have to wait again :man_shrugging:

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Ok slowly slowly my bank account dwindles!


If your bank account is dwindling slowly, you must not be going very fast…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Nice👍 plus twenty

Fixed it for ya, Wigs


You have a bank account? I seem to remember those…

That’s going to be a very nice car when done Danny.

Today I changed the front brake flex hoses. The left one was 90% blocked and my caliper wasn’t releasing from my disk, the right was about 50% blocked and was still working ok. It took a while getting the old hoses off I had to buy a stubby 9/16 wrench to help. So far it looks like both brakes are releasing and I will go for a ride soon.

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Lots of little jobs completed today.

Tank bolted in, sender and pump wired up with strange rubber connector block.
Filler hose and vent pipe connected.
Fuel lines in and clipped to the underside of the car.
Cover panel over IRS in. Fitted rear gearbox mount retainer and rubber seat.

Trailing arm safely brackets installed, new bushes in the arb and roll bar installed, IRS nuts and bolt tightened and compression strapping removed.

New bottles installed with sweat proof lines to master cylinders. Vacuum tank in, brake lines completed, suspension bolts tightened (not the bushings), engine mounts tightened and stabilizer bar set,

Flexi-lines and brackets installed, wire grill fitted, petrol filter housing cleaned and fitted.

New solenoid fitted, battery tray installed, heater valve installed, wiper adjust cable tightened.
Next- Heater box, vacuum pipes, seals, doors, glass, windscreen, exhaust, air filter?
Need brake pads, half nuts, vacuum check valve.

Dash almost done, need to fit the speedo cable, new starter button, indicator lights, p- clips. Old dash top cleaned up and laid in place, will go again.
I have a 14 inch wheel, needs a horn push. Never had one so small. Might make getting in and out a bit easier. Should be OK with electric power steering?


Great lot of photos James …… it’s the little bits that take time I find

ONE of those “little” jobs would be a day’s work for me!


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Come on James. Tell the truth! You have an army of gnomes you summon forth from the cornfield at night, right?! Just how many are there?

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Only me I am afraid.
I got interrupted by life this morning, however I found a minute or 2 to fit the heat shields and the exhaust. Notice I fitted a 4.2 rear gearbox spring mount in place of the 3.8 bobbins, as I put a synchro box in. I have kept the original Moss box.
I needed to adapt the front heat shield captive bracket, which I had ordered for a 3.8.
I went for my usual Bell system and it fitted perfectly. The most difficult part was pushing the short 5/16 bolts from behind the brackets, thorough the holes on the center silencer. Not really that difficult though.
Then I took it outside for a clean. The dust really gets to me, cant wait for my new building to be finished, I have had enough of the tractor workshop.



Ya almost got it right:

Keebler Elves (they’re uncommonly good)
Large Hallow Tree
20 (*)

(*) Names:
J.J. Keebler was the original “king elf” in 1969,
Ernie Keebler became “head elf” in 1970.
White-haired Ernie
Other elves were Fryer Tuck,
Ernie’s nephews Zoot and J.J.,
Ernie’s mother Ma Keebler,
young Elmer Keebler,
Fast Eddie,
Flo (the accountant), ← sadly
Leonardo (the artist) ← must-have
and Art.


Today attended the annual Father’s Day BBQ and classic car show at Niagara’s Henry of Pelham vineyard with my younger son. I drove the XK120 and he the E-type - first time in 42 years of ownership someone other than me has driven the E-type solo. Great food and wine on a hot, sunny day.


Another couple of pics from the event


Looks like you’ve got a lot to be proud of. :+1: