What did you do to your E-Type today?

(Ed Overmyer) #2554

And, yup Erica & Steve. If I had an original, I’d sure put it in. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the bond between the backing plate and the rubber shoe on an aftermarket part just failed. Early in life I had experience molding pvc to steel in the auto industry and it wasn’t an easy thing to get right. In this case it looks like the fit between the cylinder and the backing plate must have been very loose, as the cylinder protruded through the opposite face of the plate and the bond wasn’t strong enough to hold the rubber in place. Of course, maybe the shoe fell off before the cylinder moved.
As far as the noise, it wasn’t a quiet engine, but I guess I must have gotten used to it. I’m getting hard of hearing too.

(Nick Saltarelli) #2555

The better usuals are aware of the Rolon issues and should have alternatives on offer. I’d suggest having a one on one telephone conversation with one of their sales reps before purchasing a replacement. It’s not that all Rolons fail - there are many rebuilt engines, including mine, with them installed - but their annectdotal failure rate is high. When I pull the timing cover this summer to address the repop upper timing chain damper failure I’ll be putting back the original lower damper.

(Erica Moss) #2556

How did the debris make it past the filter to the crank bearings?

There was a thread about this last year. Apparently the best brand to look for is Renold but it doesn’t have a 100% perfect record either. Rolon has many well known failures though

(Ed Overmyer) #2557

I’m thinking the bearing damage was caused by lack of oil pressure from the trashed pump, not from any debris. I was 1500 miles from home when I started seeing the fluctuations. I sorta taped over the idiot light and hoped I’d make it. I’ve never done that in my Ferrari. I’m sure it would be just too expensive.
Thanks for the information and link.
My goal for this car is issue free, long distance travel.

(Ed Overmyer) #2558

Thanks for your suggestion Nick. I’ll do that.

(Erica Moss) #2559

Ah yes of course, I was not thinking that through.

(Chris Fell) #2560

Radiator out, suspected leak, so it will be tested and if necessary re-cored. Radiator had to be moved anyway to allow …
Steering rack removed. Near side (left or passenger side in Blighty) rack bush is worn. Really not looking forward to replacing that little puppy!
All the fasteners for the rack were grunched, so they’ll need replacing, and several hoses on the radiator were shot, more replacements.

While everything is out of the way, I can clean up the front end of the engine frames and engine. Deep joy!

(DINO) #2561

Finally E Type socks!

(Paul Wigton) #2562

As some of the Aussies might say… NOICE!!!

(Ole Würtz) #2563

Do they leak ? ? ? ? ? ?

(DINO) #2564

Nope… Not yet…

(Paul Wigton) #2565

I resisted, but oh, NO! Not Ole…:slight_smile:

(69 FHC ) #2566

Just be thankful Lucas doesn’t make electrically heated socks.

(Scott Johnson) #2567

I moved it. Unfortunately, not all the way home yet. Getting closer. Getting the E out of its spot at the front of my friend’s (the seller) shop is a bit like one of those sliding tile puzzles I could never do as a kid. This one involved shuffling around the E, an MGC and a Facel Vega. I only had one set of car skates, so it also involved repeated jacking and lowering of vehicles to swap the skates between vehicles. We did manage to get it almost to the back door, blocked only by a trailer full of junk. With our harsh winter, there’s also a big ice ridge outside the back door. Maybe next weekend it will make it home.

(Pat O Brien) #2568

A bit of progress on the Low Drag…

In fitting the lenses I noticed I didnt have any small rubber washers, these provide a soft landing for the lens against the base and keep a little tension on the screw to prevent them coming undone. Looking on line I found well known suppliers wanted £1.08 each plus shipping and VAT at 20%!. I made all 12 of them using a leather punch and drill in about 10 minutes.

(Ole Würtz) #2569

That is one awesome car you’re building Pat. Respect (& envy).

(Mark ) #2570

Nice, very…

  • What is the fourth small bottle (under the three) ?
  • Made in “Germania” ?


(Pat O Brien) #2571

The fourth bottle is a breather catch reservoir. The 3 bottles above are connected via breather tubes venting into the lower bottle. Thats one of next weeks jobs.:wink:

(Paul Wigton) #2572

How do you title these cars: use a VIN of a donor car?

(Pat O Brien) #2573

I bought a 62 fhc as the basis for the car. All major assemblies overhauled and transferred. Similar to reshelling using, say, a Robey shell. I have the title, plates, heritage certificate etc. Its in reality an extensive restoration.

UK has tightened registration in this area. The car must be same wheelbase, number of seats major components etc to retain original number plates. It is possible to modify the car from standard provided it meets certain criteria, so webbers are allowed, upgraded brakes permitted and so on.

If you do not meet the above it is still possible to get registration but with conditions regarding annual inspection and or the use of a Q prefix registration plate which denotes the car is of indeterminate age which can be a killer to the cars appeal here in UK…