What did you do to your E-Type today?

If I understand correctly, the culprit for your low oil pressure was not the pressure relief valve, and only putting a mechanical oil gauge revealed that the issue was a failing sender unit?

The mechanical oil gauge is definitely showing that I now have good pressure. And the oil pressure gauge on my dash moves a little, then drops to zero. Although it moved up to 10 psi for awhile during a short drive yesterday.

But I did replace the pressure relief valve also. So I will never know if that also may have been a problem. A new sender should arrive next week, it will be nice to see if that completely fixes things.

If the mechanical gauge shows the pressure is good across a standard RPM range, then the problem has to lie in the gauge or the sending unit. Not terribly surprising, since almost all available sending units are pretty much junk.

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I put air in the tires! Well, I should add that’s the last step in getting the car out of its winter hibernation/ updating. I’ve had been accumulating a bunch of parts that I decided to install. They include:

New exhaust manifolds that were JetHot coated
New Bell 1.75” stainless down pipes to go with the new manifolds
New alternator
New ignition123+ distributor ( the one with the app to manage it)
New magnacore ignition wires with D type wire separator (Coolcat)
New pertronix 1.5 ohm ignition coil
New oil pressure sending unit
Rebuilt Lucas starter
Oil and filter

Oh, and I installed a nice, original not reproduction, set of Lucas PL700 headlights. I know they are not the brightest, but I think are equal to or better than the sealed beams they replaced. Besides I live in an urban setting and not on dark two lane roads. And they look cool…


Where did you get those trumpets?

If I could fit them to the Strommies on the Jeep…!

I got those awhile back. I found two used ones, and then searched for a third. Eventually finding a NOS one. So I have no idea where to even look for a set now.

However I’ve got another set that are nice, with polished alloy mounting faces, and tapered, angled chromed steel trumpets. They look like upgraded copies of the factory race parts. (I had an original set of those awhile back, and was able to compare) 4” long and 3” wide. I might sell these :man_shrugging:

Bob ….I sent you a pm can you please reply it was a few weeks ago….check in your spam

Did about 300 miles with the BCR rally today. Good times. Great roads. Car didn’t want to start after the hard running and sitting in the 90° sun for 30 minutes but once it cooled down it fired right up…


Sender, sender sander. Sender sender.
I replaced 13 of them in about a 10 year period.

Don’t you just hate those who live in the US for ten years and never bother to learn the American language? I think no one should graduate from grade school without learning either Cherokee, Apache, Ute or Arapaho. LLoyd July, 2014

I’m not getting your point. Fuel sender?

You must have missed that Lloyd (soothsayer) was not replying to you, but to 1E18259 (see the “replying to” icon at the top right of his message. That discussion was about oil pressure senders.

This raises a lesson about using the “What did you do to your E-Type today?” thread for things it wasn’t really designed for. Responses can easily get attributed to the incorrect comment and confusion reigns. Better to create a new topic to discuss a specific issue that is likely to result in responses.

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I thought that the electric gauges themselves were not faulty in general and that most often the culprit was the sending unit.
Does it happen also that the gauge could go south?

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The sender on my car provides the guage with the reading I like, so I assume the sender is ok🙂


Completed the removal of all the US emission control mess on the car. Took her for a drive for first time. What was great car. I am so happy I bought this beast.

Anyone happen to have spare air boxes for the series 3 v-12? Rick

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We attended the 100 year celebrations of Jaguar, drive through two counties, visit a private collection, drive to the hotel, dinner and the next day Brooklands. Day one excellent weather, day two not so much.

Getting ready to go…


Hi Pat,

Cool. Which countries?

Just back from the Monaco Historic Grand Prix. Missed my E-type. The Sports Car race was won by a British driver in a Cooper Jaguar, XK engine. :+1:

A couple of wild crashes with F1 cars, spectacular noise! :laughing:


Mopped out the low drag from Sunday’s wet 100 year celebrations at Brooklands

Drove to a Jaguar club meet and the to the cottage again. Sunny, but not warm yet.


On Friday the 13th I started my newly rebuild 3.8 XK engine. It started up quickly and runs smoothly. Here is a link to a video of the startup. One serious problem, however, the transmission (all-synchro box also just rebuilt) is making a bad hammering noise in neutral like something is going around with the gears and hitting something else on every revolution. I have checked the linkages for all four speeds and reverse and all appears to be normal. It goes into all four gears and reverse and they all work. Do any of you seasoned transmission specialists have any idea what could be making such a noise? I am facing the task of removing the engine and transmission again to find the problem, not a welcome prospect!

Perry I feel your pain. Start with the easy and obvious. Drain the trans fluid and look for little bits.