What did you do to your E-Type today?

It would be a bit tough to drive with one half still in place as you would a tonneau

I’m finally done body and paint, sure glad to be finished!
where are you in Canada? I’m in London Ontario.


Alberta. Your paint looks great. Did you do it yourself?

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Beautiful. Congratulations. All downhill from here then?

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its what I do, it should! kind of a retirement gift to myself.

maybe, I’m wondering when this starts rolling down, seems to keep hitting bumps along the way.


THAT would make a GREAT Easy Canvas picture!!!

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What shade of green is that?
Appears to have just the right amount of opalescence in it.

BASF paints.
MG 231.50, this is a variant colour, to what I don’t know.
It’s very close to what was under the pedal box.
It is nicer in the sun than stock, but not too much!

I was thinking about my car today, but it is 1,500 miles or most of an ocean away.


Is that cinnamon or tan interior ? …… like the paint colour , does it have strong flip outside in the sun?

Long distance relationships are SOOO difficult…

It’s a custom interior from GB trimmers in England colour is called burnt orange. No the colour has no flip, but the medium metallic and small amount of white pearl pop in the sun.

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Ok so today I did the following
Lh under shield
Gearbox shield on inside bell housing
Checked all brake lines for leaks
Fitted and adjusted the handbrake
Looked for loose bolts etc…didn’t find any!
Fitted seat belts
Fitted seats
Fitted the seals in doors
Fitted the window seals
Fitted steering wheel
…….still to do
Fit the internal mirror
Screws to hold horn button
Fit body tag
Lh door card ( need to Re chrome the at top)
Insert 1 screw in chrome on rh door
Fix hole in body see a few entries ago ….body shop on Tuesday
Roadworthy certificate and shakedown runs and final clean
Introduce the new owner to his car ( he has only ever seen photos)
Wave it off !


That’s an awesome car Danny. You did your shop proud and the new owner has to be ecstatic!


This car looks ready for a museum, nice! :blush:

Wow. Wow. Wow. Just wow.

Scott and others thank you…….
Just to clarify the situation…I don’t work in a resto shop…I am an amateur this is at home……and it’s a really long story how this came about……here is the short version.
I bought the car out of the USA as a stalled project …(which was more stalled than I thought) to build my own car after building my 64 FHC …….but I came across a 61 RHD flat floor …so naturally I needed to get rid of the us project car to afford the flat floor……. A mate of mine sold a Merc 450SL to a gentleman from Queensland and in the small talk the guy asked my mate what he did now he retired…… he mentioned that he helped me with my E type build (64 FHC) …… gentleman says would like one of those…… mate says “his selling a project car”……gentleman says “ is your mate any good at building these cars” …mate says “you bet”…… so begins the story …… but it gets even weirder ……we strike a deal…… but have not yet met and I start on the car after a decent deposit finds its way to me…… Covid strikes and as you may be aware I live in Melbourne which has the unenviable record of the longest and harshest lockdown of any country in the world ( other than China now) so I’ve still not met the gentleman buyer , he’s not seen the car, I naturally have had heaps of conversations and photos of the restoration of the car to him…… and too boot he is a delight to work with! ….I’ve got the flat floor ready to start soonish.

I don’t do this for a living , but I seriously like to do the best original job I can…… there is a brake upgrade, starter upgrade , electronic ignition , alarm/immobiliser and separate gps tracker …all hidden away so that when looking at the wiring fuses etc you would never know……for me it’s about the process.

I’m hoping that I will find another buyer for the flat floor so I can build it to the same standard…… it will be absolutely stock standard but beautiful right down to correct bees bolts ( black oxided) and cad plating …it will probably be a trailer queen ….but I’d like some one to drive it on the road.


Looks nice Danny lots of detailing

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Just taken the car for its maiden voyage down the road 500 metres or so….the glorious sound of the pipes at 3000 rpm and beyond……seems to be ok will take for longer ride either today or tomorrow weather permitting ……probably 30 miles if all is going ok ….very happy so far…….then into the body shop for some small touch ups.
Just for those worried the engine was run in on moving road dyno and tuned and I haven’t touched it…. Press the button it starts!
Took it to Mornington 14 km away went really well….except for the speedo stopped working….hoping that I didn’t tighten the cable to the unit and not the other end …otherwise console out job!,

On a side note it really takes off with the 3.54 diff compared to My FHC with the 2.88 which is still pretty quick!