What did you do to your E-Type today?

Off to new owner today


That would be hard for me…

Looks great somebody should be happy

Not really it was built for the purchaser however you do think about all the work that went into it…… and then you look at the bank statements and don’t feel bad at all :blush:

Looking for the next project to start I have a choice of two 61 flatfoot and a 68 2+2
What do you guys reckon?

Glad you can find a balance ……
61 flat floor.
Keep us posted.


Two thirds of the way through a complete overhaul of the three SUs on my '67 OTS. So far so good, no surprises, easy peasy.

Looking for the next project to start I have a choice of two 61 flatfoot and a 68 2+2
What do you guys reckon?

That flat floor deserves you.

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All I need to do then is find a buyer and start….I’ve only got 2 cars left in me I’ll be 70 next year


I’ve been enjoying your project all along Danny. Such a terrific job you’ve done with this E. I would want to ride along inside the van rather that trust anyone!

When fellows just like this came to pick up my FHC from my aunt’s house in Scottsdale, AZ and deliver it to me in Clearwater, FL, it was one truck, one driver, door-to-door. Cost me $2000 in 2003 and the bloke managed to drop a Lincoln Navigator on the beautifully finished rear hatch. I’m still bitter about it!


Fortunately this is only a 3 car carrier, first on last off…… no changes along the way etc about 1900 mile trip …… a McLaren and porche 911 are travelling companions ………. But of course the Jag will lead all the way !:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Handed over the car to its new owner today


Well, after 30 plus years, the car took a drive. Thanks to my good friend, Jeff Smith, for getting me to this point - and to my dear wife for all her patience…



Well done Angus, you’ve come a long way in a short time…JS


Congratulations!! First drive on my OTS was quite similar, except no doors and an oak block for a seat (not very comfortable).

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what part of the country is that? its beautiful

Just outside Atlanta. A bit more humid than Cali though…

Replaced a couple of U-joints. Fun times!


If you are really lucky… They will outlast you!

Primer seal painted and clear coated cockpit area and trunk. Next undercoat. Then bulkhead and frame rail paint


Bob‘s previous post is hard to beat. I cleaned my wheels and they turned out nice.