What did you do to your E-Type today?

Lots of us know that lesson it’s called experience and you only make that mistake once


Yep. I grew up in Arizona. Never thought too much about rust. I do now!

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I need a trusted Jaguar XKE Series 3 tachometer repair company. Direct message me if you have any suggestions.
This is for my work, not my personal car. Apparently, the shop lost their previous repair company to a retirement and we are looking for a replacement.



Dreamed about working on it…
In the meantime I’m surrounded by other’s dreams!


Buthink about how much education and satisfaction you’ve got along the journey


Hi Danny,

Ok, you can build an E-type around that part, if you have the paperwork. :wink:

It’s not on www.xkedata.com?


Danny, you should put your picture frame
on the wall framing your favorite before picture. Or after pic.

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No it’s not on xkedata for a very very good reason ……I had a very bad experience onthere in relation to another car I owned ……with a fraudulent car being using my photos and claiming that I was the fraudster …. I had engine,picture frame and original data plate ……

I would never build a car around that frame as an original …… especially as I own the original car …I’ve kept it for any new owner as part of the provenance


What a great idea Tom ……need to get the creative juices and put that idea to work!

Not today but last weekend there was a Wings and Wheels event to raise money for a good cause, Angel Flight. I got my cars in too late to park under my wings but that’s my Birddog in front of my old 911 and my Jag is under the wing of my friend’s Luscombe. To the right is the tail of another friend’s T6.


Sort of what I did … though I like the before/after idea. On the wall of my workshop (PO jacking damage mostly. This is the good side.)

I considered cutting out and replacing the mashed and bent lower crossmember and mating my new ETF engine frames and trapeze to it but concluded achieving a precision fit with the new components would have been an iffy proposition, so went the whole nine yards. Glad I did. Uryk’s complete kit fits together beautifully. But, as Randall points out, this is where the original VIN resides so I’m keeping it for the next owner.


When I bought my car, the previous owner, deceased, had started removing the exhaust manifold. At least that’s what I thought but I’ve never found any reason for him doing it. Now, I’m wondering if he in fact just changed the head gasket and never got around to finishing the job.

To test my theory, I loosened each head nut, one at a time, oiled the threads and torqued the nut back down to 54ft-lbs. I’d say the nuts ranged from tight to not so tight - hows that for a scientific evaluation. My guess is he torqued the head nuts initially but never even started the engine. Now that I’ve put about 500 miles on the car, it was due for torque number two.

Then I hopped in and drove 10 it miles or so. What a great car!!!


A perfect example of weapons-grade SWAGism, if you ask me!

Which you didnt…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I spent an amusing 4 hours sliding this ******* thing in


The paper… or the tank?


That bit of paper is a real Pia Bill !

Did you replace the original matting under the tank (if such existed)?
Did you install DynaMat or X-Mat or such in the boot?
Could it/they need compressing?

I’m aware of many postings describing the frustration to remove the tank. Indeed the first time I did it took 4 days to get out. Then I reread Hemmings. I recently (this week) replaced my tank w/ a new galvanized one from SNG. Had the old one out in 45 minutes albeit took some manipulating to do so. The new one (Made in Taiwan no less) slid in as easy as anything with the tank bolt holes perfectly aligned allowing the bolts to just finger start. I had ordered new grommets some time ago which together with the original sleeves, washers (yes they are “special” thick ones) and pointed bolts made the installation a snap. Permatex Aviation gasket dressing on the sender gasket (both sides) & the 12 washers receiving a toothpick dab made what I like to think a “professional” job.


Looks like you’ve got the knack of it well done I always have trouble with bolting it up

Well today after nearly a week of work I have rearranged my storage increasing capacity substantially…… I also bought home all the bits of the 2+2 and filed them in some order
This week will see the car body come home and I’ll then assess what needs resolving …… I’ll probably strip it back to the bare shell as it was loosely thrown together by the po for the sale …. Paint is good but needs total final cut and buffing