What did you do to your E-Type today?

When I rebuilt my system I filled with Dot 5.1 in the mistaken belief that it wouldnt chew paint, how wrong I was, not the same as Dot 5. I’ve read that Dot 5 can be detrimental to seals in the long run, anyone had long term experience using Dot 5?

Gates premium heater hose works fine for conventional DOT 3 or 4 brake fluids.

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Hi Randall…dot 5 is a love it or hate it product…iv used the Brake Fluid – Automec for over 25 years and never had a problem…a lot of the major E type restoration companies in the UK use it on their rebuilds…ideally used when refurbing an entire system…but iv flushed out dot 3/4 systems and refilled with the above and never had issues…some say the fluid swells and destroys the seals…iv actually put seals in a jar of the above to test it…no problems…however i assume not all dot5 is the same so i only use the above Automec product…Steve

I get it. I almost did the same thing. That is a ridiculous number scheme. 5.1 is similar to 3 and 4. What in the world were they thinking.

I first used it at least that long ago. There’s just no downside. Maybe in a racing application?

Not to be used in cars with ABS…I can feel the great Silicone debate comming on​:joy::joy:

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I won’t take the bait but I feel Randall’s pain took my car apart to fix that screw up . Conventional Brake fluid will eat polyurethane paint given enough time
You need EPDM hose the auto shop guys won’t know what your talking about
Brake hose unlimited in the US has it $5.80/ ft

How do you intend to repair the paint: sanding and local spraying?

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Thanks guys, yeah that’s all I can do. I’ll remove as much as I can around there, data plate, fuel lines, air filter & plenum & clean & sand best I can.

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Were you working in your skivvies to protect your pants from brake fluid as well?

That is exactly why I am switching to DOT 5 brake fluid.

Sat in the sun ,had a coffee and took a pic


Standard summer attire. :grin:

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Ah yes, you are enjoying a warmer season than us in the other hemisphere at the moment.


Ya it’s just brutal here
The jag will just have to wait


Truly impressive transformation Marek, even the small details such as the double fuel gauge, and the car looks superb . I wonder how it sounds ! (referring to your post Apr 21)

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Done this awhile back but I don’t think I ever shared it.
Made it from a sheet of AL and shaped it by pressing it into a wooden buck with I GM spare tire scissor jack.
I have an 1/8 gap to the body. Its attached with magnets.
I feel a bit safer…


Good for you clever

Cleaned a greasy nasty bell housing… Hopes to install in the coming days.

I didn’t do it today, but I did it about 4 days ago. And I hope this is motivation for all on this forum who have done similarly & are wondering if there is an end. I got this 69 Series 2, F.H.C. in the mid to late 70’s & it was my daily driver to a bit over 100K mi. at which point most systems & mechanicals were breaking down. Thank-you to all on this forum who got me through to a beautiful finish. 25+ years, TOTAL rebuild. Nothing untouched. Suspension, brakes, A/C. I.R.S., engine, is there an end? Last 2 years in varied forms of “finished” I began test runs. First 2 runs car came back on a flat bed. Distributor fault for both. Had a Mallory dual point & installed electronic guts. Cangiolisi 5 speed, cams & Webers were added in rebuild. Webers were a challenge to understand & get right. We shared a couple forums on that. Couple more test runs & tweaks. I was nervous not expecting success as several runs begot new unknowns. BUT 4 days ago in 50 degree temps, one more try. A few cranks, fired up. 600 r.p.m. idled til temp went up & off we go. All gauges good. Up into the 2 lane, New England, hilly curvy country roads. Horse farms, cattle barns, right next to the rise of the old hilly mountains. My intended hour ride took 5 hours! Nothing went wrong (except my bladder). Everything else, a pleasure. And lots of waves & flashes from oncoming traffic. I could go slow, push it in the turns, red line it, slam the brakes, downshift, all good. No great. End of the trip: fill it up sir. High test Sunoco. Ready for the next run. These are damn nice cars! We’re lucky to have them.
Michael Caro