What did you do to your E-Type today?

(Eric) #2310

Duh, fuel injection…my mistake. Our boat has twin diesels that recirculate from a 300 gallon tank under the bed in the aft cabin. The mattress gets pretty toasty after a long run…nice when it’s cold outside…not so much when it’s hot.

Very nice fabrication in any case.

(Phil.Dobson) #2311

Can you provide details of that pump please? Also I do recommend that you fit an auto fuel pump cut off switch, like those fitted to XJS. whereby the pump is isolated if the car receives impact or is rolled. Once I installed FI I became paranoid about the high pressure fuel lines in an old car. Please also advise your insurance company of the mods you have made. My insurance didn’t have any issues but I didn’t want to find out ‘after the event’
Best regards
Phil D.

(Pat O Brien) #2312

Frank, sorry for the late reply, I have been away on family business. The body was made professionally, I am but an assembler.


New game: Post the most hideous E
(Pat O Brien) #2313

Hopefully this will give the painted frames some longevity!

I have used Waxoyl on all my E Types and it does what it says on the tin.

Frames are now in colour Silver (RAL 9006)

(Pat O Brien) #2314

Underside prepped awaiting etch primer, light stonechip and colour

(69 FHC ) #2315

I forget his name, but that’s what the restorer in the Practical Classics series did on their E-type restoration. He filled the tubes with Waxoyl and then hung them holes down for a few days to drain out the excess into catch basin.

(Pat O Brien) #2316

John, I have done that in the past and despite leaving them hanging for months whilst I done other restoration stuff, once assembled and the car complete and on the road waxoyl would still seep out even a few years later, especially on a hot day.


(Geoff Allam) #2317

Not much to do on mine today as I am waiting for delivery of my body panels so I welded up some tooling to press out the missing drain channels on my doors. A little bit of smoothing with a file and they should work fine. Fortunately there was one slightly mangled channel still hanging on one of the doors that provided a pattern. Nice to do something other than cutting and grinding out rusty metal.

(Erica Moss) #2318

Perhaps I missed an earlier reverence but what was the motivation for a flat floor on one side and recessed on the other?

I used 3M rust fighter in my frames. I think it’s basically the same stuff, wax suspended in a volatile chemical. Haven’t noticed any coming out. It’s pretty goopy stuff once it has dried out. I also have it sprayed in the bonnet nose and other cavities. I didn’t let mine sit though. I filled them part way and rolled the stuff around then drained. If it collects for too long at one end maybe a plug of dried stuff can form?

(Paul Wigton) #2319

Pat can correct me, if Im off the mark: passengers’ comfort doesn’t count in a hi-perf car!

(Pat O Brien) #2320

Erica, the original I belive was flat floor and on occasion it raced using a side exit exhaust, to achieve this it is necessary to have at least the LH side flat floor, or the exhaust would be lower by the amount of dish in the floor.

Whilst I have no intention of outright racing the completed car, (perhaps a couple of track days) someone in the future, when I am long gone, may wish to do so.

My wife accompanied me on many E Type trips, but I suspect will be reluctant to do so in the Low Drag given its lack of creature comforts. Its missing even the basics of heater, radio, noise deadening and only has one wiper positioned for the driver. Given this plus the side exit opportunity I went for the LH flat floor option.

(DINO) #2321

Hi Phil

The fuel pump is 255 racetronix’s pump with all wiring, we attached it to the emerald ECU. Installed a fuel pressure gauge and a washable fuel filter(good for life). All the lines was changed to black Vibrant performance braided race lines and fittings. Basically improved and cleaned up the fuel delivery in my Jag. As for the impact fuel cut off, we are still looking into it not much out there in terms of good quality set up, I don’t race the car so not sure how much I’lll look into.

(Phil.Dobson) #2322

Thank you .

With best regards
Philip Dobson

(Nick Saltarelli) #2323

Yesterday took a 70 mile run around the Niagara Peninsula in glorious sunshine, though it was a bit cool it was cozy with the windows up and the hardtop on.

As I type this, 13:25 on November 15, 2018, the weather map looks like this:

Skies are clear here in Niagara at the moment, but not for long … all that ugly blue stuff on the map is snow. We’re about to get a big dump, which means the salt trucks will follow. So, what I did with my E-type today was an oil change then tucked her away in storage for the winter.


(DINO) #2324

let me know when your next run is… most likely spring

(Nick Saltarelli) #2325

End of March, Dino.

Now to get going on the XK120 again.

(69 FHC ) #2326

I spent an enjoyable day installing new gutter trim and bonnet beads. The gutter trim fit reasonably well as delivered, some adjustment, maybe 2-3 hours worth, to the curvature was required.

(Benny) #2327

Today I began to remove the carb out of the car to rebuild. If I do one at a time it might not be
overwhelming of a project. Will clean and replace parts in the kit.

(1967 FHC) #2328

How did you attach the gutter trim, John? I need to do mine after I get the windscreen hockey sticks in place. I am planning to glue my gutter trim on with the 3M adhesive since most of my end tabs are broken.


(Jerry Mills) #2329

Just as I’m reading this our LOCAL west coast news is showing pictures of the snow dump. That’s a big one. Good timing Nick.
Going to cars and coffee tomorrow - sunny and 58f. Rain season starting soon. Maybe we should all move to Arizona.