What did you do to your E-Type today?

(Ole Würtz) #2350

Just sent you a PM … Ole

(john newton) #2351

put a small RED ZIPTYE on all parts from LHS only , untill cleaning commences

(Bill Bilotti 1966 S1 OTS (in boxes)) #2352

maybe contact E type fabs and ask them what the length of their part is.? Quite a time saver if they send you one that fits vs one that does not

(69 FHC ) #2353

I believe the frames are the same for all Series I and II cars. I’ve got a spare set of frames off of a Series II 2+2 in the basement. Using a 4’ ruler I took some pictures that might be helpful to you.

I aligned the edge of the ruler with the back edge of the square tube and although it doesn’t look like it in the picture the end of the ruler is just at the face of the flange in the third picture. The measurement I get for that leg, measured on that side of the leg, flange face to flange face is 32-7/8".

All this assumes of course, that there is no variance in frames.

(Geoff Allam) #2354

I am reluctant to buy a new set of frames as these ones are brand new unused ones that just happen to be 25 years old. My next step is to go back and recheck to make sure I have the body dead level and the sheet metal positioned exactly as it should be with all the factory measurements checking out. Best case scenario is that I have something out of spec and correcting it will solve my problem. Then I will try to get the frames oriented to the body with those factory measurements as they should be. At that point I can determine if I am able to adjust the mounting points or not. Adjusting the sheet metal at the stage I am at is relatively easy but I have to make sure that it does not cause problems further on in the process. Lots of laser level and plumb bob work coming up.

(Geoff Allam) #2355

Thank you for that measurement John. I will be back at the shop later this week and will check it against mine. Yours is a factory original? The part numbers are the same for the swb cars and the 2+2.

(69 FHC ) #2356

You are welcome. Yes, those were the frames Jaguar put on the car in 1969.

(Geoff Allam) #2357

Excellent. That will give me a good baseline. My original frames that I compared the new ones to were pretty “well used”.

(Geoff Allam) #2358

Sorry Larry. Looks like I did not answer your question. The lower outer mount is not in place yet. I am waiting to finalize the position of the frame flange before attaching the mount to the new sill. The new inner sill is properly lined up with the bulkhead as checked with a straight edge. Ideally the frame flange should butt up to the front edge of the inner sill leaving the width of a sheet metal panel between it and the sill. What is happening is that the frame flange is bottoming out against the front edge of the sill before the frame is fully in position.

(Geoff Allam) #2359

Once again thanks for that measurement John. I checked the dustance on my old frame and it was 32 13/16 so very close to yours. I expect the difference is just the little bit of variability in our measuring technique. The measurement on my new frame is 33 inches measured exactly as I did it in my old frame so my estimate of 3/16 difference was pretty close. I then measured the 3 other legs and the measurements all were within 1/32 so probably easily handled. Do you think that a little bit of mig and bondo would fix my old frames? :scream::scream:.

Edit. The fixing comment is not serious. I realize that you cannot weld on these frames.

(Bob K - 1964 FHC) #2360

I took my sweetie for a ride today, 29 years and some months since I last took her for a ride. We looked at each other and both marveled how much had happened in our lives between those two drives.

On a more mundane level, she helpfully reminded me that the car died on that earlier occasion and she had to walk home. In her pajamas. (Why was she in her pajamas? And how far was the walk?) Anyhow, today’s run went off without any mishap.

Never say die.

(69 FHC ) #2361

Cold and rainy with a prediction of snow. :scream: So I went down to the garage, turned on the heaters and broke out the polish and rags. Five hours later that’s done. Tomorrow I wax.

(69 FHC ) #2362

Reminder to self, Women Never Forget.

Congrats on the successful outing.

(69 FHC ) #2363

I knew that. I was going to suggest J B Weld. :rofl:

(Geoff Allam) #2364

Too expensive. I was thinking newspaper and hot glue. :smiling_imp:

(DINO) #2365

Blue skies and 0c… took her for a great 2.5 hour drive… winding roads, old towns, lake sides, big city(Toronto) and opened her up on the HWY.

Fantastic driving day!

(Ole Würtz) #2366

No to my E-type exactly, but for my E-type.
I designed and welded a bracket for a hoist on my 4-post lift.
Apart from making it easy to get a “dead” vehicle on to the lift, it also allow me to pull the E back on the lift without starting the engine for the 30 foot drive after a wash or whatever reason it’s been pushed outside.

(69 FHC ) #2367

Yesterday, not today.

When I reassembled the car after painting the right reverse light failed to work; it worked before I took everything apart. Not wanting to troubleshoot it at that time and figuring I’d have to remove the fuel tank to get at the wires, I bodged a repair by running a 12 v wire from the left to the right light. Yesterday I decided to snoop around. On a Series II you can get to the wires running from one side to the other by removing the license plate light. When I did so and pulled out the wires for examination I quickly found the problem. The wire connector for the 12 volt line had broken and the bullet connector/wire for the right light had fallen out. Installed a new double connector and all is well. :grin:

(DINO) #2368

Sticker for the tool box…

(Pekka T.) #2369

Yesterday, we had some clear skies, the sun went down at 3:15PM but the streets were dry, so I went out for a drive with my 15 yr old son and afterwards we took the hardtop off, changed oil and filter and took the car back to storage with the hood (top) down. What a blast! (Dec. 11th in Helsinki, Finland)