What did you do to your E-Type today?

(Kevin) #2370

It hit 40 degrees under sunny skies so my wife and I took Daphne out for a spin to get all her fluids up to temperature and keep all those seals well lubricated. I will admit to putting the top up, but it doesn’t matter that much because she leaks air like a sieve at the top of the windshield…incorrect parts on top of windshield and the top itself…but the heater actually works well so we were nice and warm. My plan is to get her out on the road every couple of weeks throughout the winter as long as the road are dry and without salt residue. I am using a fuel stabilizer until my order of 20 gallons of Sunoco Optima comes in (95 octane unleaded with zero ethanol and three year shelf life) just in case the weather turns nasty and I can’t get her out on the road.

(Paul Wigton) #2371

The answer… gaffer’s tape!

(Erica Moss) #2372

Any idea why is is that Optima would not be street legal, whilst something like 260 GT is? Both are unleaded, and 260 GT is 100 octane. Is it because Optima is not oxygenated?

(Richard Smith) #2373

I run Sunoco Surge 105 leaded 1970 triple SU

(Kevin) #2374

Yes, I’m guessing that is the reason (non-oxygenated), but I don’t know for sure. I just know that non-ethanol and no MTBE is a good thing in terms of corrosion, etc. I almost went with leaded fuel, but decided against it…don’t want the old girl getting used to leaded fuels at $14\gallon and she seems to be doing OK on Sunoco 93 during the warm months. I just hate any ethanol in fuel…it’s so corrosive and can turn bad in the blink of an eye.

I only plan to use the Optima during the winter months when I can’t be sure I’ll be able to get her on the road at reasonable time intervals. Belt and suspenders approach.

I bought some 260GT Plus a few weeks ago (mistakenly thinking it was ethanol-free) and so I’ve been using it in my 2019 Volvo XC60 T6 without any issues. That was a rather expensive mistake, but a lesson learned about “choosing wisely”.

I really like the Sunoco 5-gallon pails. Very easy to use.

(Kevin) #2375

Some closed cell foam insulating tape will do fine, although it was an interesting way to get lots of fresh air into the cabin. :grin:

(Kevin) #2376

Richard - I know the benefits of leaded fuel in terms of wear and tear to old engine parts (valve seats for instance) plus the smell is intoxicating…but what’s your primary reason for using Surge vs Optima? Have you retuned the carbs and used different jets to take advantage of the higher octane? I used to run 105 octane race gas in my 911 race engine (3.2 liter with chip), but primarily just on hot race weekends because it helped cool the engine a little (higher octane equals lower BTU per unit volume). Just curious if you are trying to protect the engine from wear or just spending your kids inheritance :grin:?

(69 FHC ) #2377

Yes, I think that is the reason.

CA requires CARB Phase 3 gasoline throughout the state. Because of the federal RFG program, year-round oxygenated RFG was required in Los Angeles-Anaheim-Riverside, Sacramento and San Diego (this represents about 70% of gasoline sales in CA). Beginning on Dec. 10, 2002, the new San Joaquin Valley Severe ozone nonattainment area is another federal RFG area. If the gasoline was certified with the Predictive Model and not sold in these federal RFG areas, it may contain little or no oxygenates.

From: https://www.afpm.org/content.aspx?id=1415

Do you order the gas and Sunoco ships it from somewhere to your door? Or do you order it and pick it up at a Sunoco station?

(Kevin) #2378

I can pick it up (whatever is in stock) at various locations around the DC area, but I specifically ordered the Optima from a local station and they will take delivery and I will go fetch it. Only about a 25 minute drive, so not much of a pain. The cans are really well made and safe and I don’t mind hauling 20 gallons in the back of the SUV.

(David Jauch) #2379

How can this be cheaper or easier than using normal gas? Even if the tank rusted through every five years, something I’ve not heard anywhere before, it can’t be economical?
Unless it gives you 300hp and pings otherwise. You stated gas going bad and it can’t be that bad judging by the prices. If you feel like it, on the off season sure, fine, but surely not on every trip?

(Kevin) #2380

I’m just using it for winter “storage” to be on the safe side. Richard will have to address year round usage benefits. I don’t have kids, so I have zero problems spending their inheritance :wink:

(Erica Moss) #2381

Ah I didn’t notice that the 260 GT has ethanol. WTH, why would they put that in race fuel? So a local Sunoco station was able to get Optima for you? $$? We have a race track within driving distance that sells it (about 70 miles). That’s a little too far for me though, burn 5 gallons to buy 20, no thanks.

(Richard Smith) #2382

Kevin Ha !!! this car runs like a dream , no issues on super hot days, 2.88 rear axle , pulls super strong right from idle,no new jetting,
These are quality fuels , past motorcycle racer here ,so always been around high end fuel, and why not spoil what you love !!
I buy 4 containers at a time, and 2 year shelf life also ,

(69 FHC ) #2383

Just out of curiosity, how much does it cost per gallon?

(Paul Wigton) #2384

Data point: my Rover has a 10:1 CR, same carbs as an E Type, and lives at 5000 feet (1600m).

It runs great on premium unleaded, 91 RON.

(Kevin) #2385

It’s stupidly expensive in five gallon cans. It’s around $12-14/gallon including tax. It’s not an efficient nor economical way to buy it, but its easy to transport and store. And since I’m only using it for winter “storage” I’m hoping not to burn through more than 20 gallons, but it all depends on the weather.

(Kevin) #2386

Ethanol increases octane in unleaded fuel. Lead increases octane in leaded fuels. I assume that’s why unleaded Optima (without ethanol) is only 95 vs unleaded 260 GT Plus (13% ethanol) at 104 octane and the leaded fuels as high as 118 octane.

I miss the days of leaded Sunoco 260 at the pump. Remember that dial on the side of the pump used to pick your grade of gas? And the smell…OMG it was heavenly.

Of course, I also miss pump gas at $0.40/gallon.

(Bill Bilotti 1966 S1 OTS (in boxes)) #2387

Jaguar was first to provide fresh air face level ventilation though the heater is on. Not the 88 Honda Accord. Now I can’t find that thoughtful option in any car.

(John Macleod) #2388

With help from a non-colorblind friend, labeled new main harness, and pulled the main and the alternator harnesses from the car. Can you spot the spare key in this photo, illuminated by my scalp?

(Kevin) #2389

Clever spot for the spare key. If you plan on leaving it there, could you send me your address once the car is finished? :grin::wink: