What did you do to your Saloon today

today I refreshed the fuse box paint and sticker. Custom ordered the sticker from JAGSTICKERS.COM. I could not find one with only four fuses, so we came up with one.

I have three left from the project for those in the states (USA), if anyone wants or needs one. For those in merry old england, refer to above link, as he is one of your own.(UK)


Let the fun begin!


I’m reinstalling my tach after having it converted to ignition-triggered (instead of that camshaft driven oil-leaking device).

I would appreciate the shared wisdom of this forum with these questions:

  1. Any suggestions on the best way to run the wire from the dash through the firewall, so I can connect to the ignition?

  2. Do you have a fire extinguisher in your car? Where do you mount it?

I have a fire extinguisher simply lying between the two front seats of my Mark 1, covered with hooked rug banner of the winged Jaguar logo that my wife made .

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I recently fitted the Quality Classic mechanical oil pressure gauge kit to my 3.8S and found the easiest way to run the tube was through a hole about an inch to the right (looking from the front of the engine bay) of the rubber hose that feeds the scuttle vent and just above the VIN plate top edge. This hose is visible in the engine bay as well as behind the folding dash. It is necessary to poke it though the Hardura insulation but it is conveniently located just behind the gauges.

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Yes, a big one, just lying in the boot with other things like an extra battery and tools, all in a big crate. Boot not locked obviously for quick reach.

I have one that lies in the cubby box brnd the fhc seats.

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Me too. Behind the passenger.


Not sure you could get to the trunk in a panic. It doesn’t take long for a car to burn to a point where a fire extinguisher won’t work. I carry two, one behind each seat. I once had to use one a short circuit with plenty of smoke. Make sure you remove all of the caustic powder shortly after extinguishing the problem. I went to a gas station and used the tire inflation machine to blast away as much as possible. The powder plays havoc to this day on electrical connections.


That is why I have automatic fire extinguishers in the engine compartment and by the fuel pumps.


That sounds like a good idea. Do you have any photos of the installation?

John, you wrote “the easiest way to run the tube was through a hole about an inch to the right (looking from the front of the engine bay) of the rubber hose that feeds the scuttle vent and just above the VIN plate top edge. This hose is visible in the engine bay as well as behind the folding dash.

I have attached a photo I took a few minutes ago. I have been poking around under the dash etc but I don’t see any hole about an inch to the right of the hose for the scuttle vent.

I’ve been trying to find an extra hole, and I’m wondering if you made an extra hole? Or perhaps a previous owner made an extra hole? Or do you mean you ran your tube through the same opening as the scuttle vent vacuum hose?

I’m seeing a missing bolt in the bracket on the top-left center of my photo. I am wondering if I could feed the wire through that. Probably not the best idea, since a bolt belongs there.

Mark, that is the exact location but you have to drill a hole, there is no existing one there. You’ll see the rubber hose behind the center instrument panel. You will have to poke your wire through the Hardura insulation however. Let me know If you want a photo.

Ah, I thought I was looking for an existing hole that I could commandeer for the wire. Yes, a photo would be useful, thank you John.

Here you go. This is a hole for the nylon tube that feeds my newly installed Classic Quality mechanical oil pressure gauge, recently featured on this forum. You will not need as large a hole as this since I had to push through a brass fitting to attach to the gauge. If doing again I would move it up 3/4 inch to not interfere with the VIN plate. Hole is protected by a rubber grommet. BTW, the new mechanical gauge is one of the best things I have done to that car in my 57 years of ownership. Highly recommended.

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Got a 'stingusher mounted to the left rear floor, perpendicular and up next to the seat bottom.

Do in car fire extinguishers need to stand upright in the vehicle?

I wonder how long they are valid for, I cannot remember how old the one in my 420G is

All mine (X Type, XJR, MGF) are horizontal, non of the scrutineers at the tracks have said anything about placing them vertical.

Fire extinguishers have powder which will settle over time. Discharging will result in more gas than powder. It is a very good idea to frequently turn them over until you hear the powder rush to the other end. You can do this several times and it will “fluff” up the powder adequately. Most have a tag noting the charge and recharge date on them. Good ones can be recharged and safety checked by those in the know.

Nitrous Oxide bottles need to have the nozzle pointed upwards so gas rather than fluid gets to the motor. Anyone running Nitrous in their Jaguars?

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That is an interesting question, I have not heard of it

presumably its not legal to run nitrous on the road in most jurisdictions

It would be a way to overcome the heavy weight and engine characteristics of the saloons, getting burnt from the stoplights