What did you do to your Saloon today

Thanks Tony! It’s opalescent dark green.

The interior including the boot is a BAS USA kit so it’s all new. While the quality of the kit is good they did make some mistakes and are not super responsive when you try to get them to fix it.

They’ll always tell you that they have to get ‘their technical department to verify’ before they do anything. For example, they didn’t cut the hole for the boot light in one of the Boot lid panels. This was a real pain for me to fix. Also they cut the hole for the jack crank handle in the right side panel but left it covered. Not a huge big deal to fix that. But the worst issue with the boot interior was that they made the panel that sits behind the jack a good half inch too tall near the jack itself so that it bulged out when in the jack was in position in it’s carrier. This made it so the jack wouldn’t lay down correctly without crushing in the new panel. I had to pull off the vinyl and cut the panel down to fix it. It’s now perfect but for the price of the kit it shoulda been right in the first place. Oh and they had already had to send a new version of that panel because they upholstered the wrong side at first! That one they fixed without a major hassle but it was too tall as I said. Anyway, it’s done now and looking sweet!

That would be very cool indeed! Especially with a Mk10/420G - so many little bits and bobs.

Jacked the car up off the ground for winter.
Weather mostly wet in the UK now.
Save tyres getting flat spots!

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Was cleaning the chrome on the front of the car , and noticed the fog light was a little lose , nut just needed a tighten up a little , but noticed the plastic sleeve missing on the cable hold tag , nothing laying about , so just ordered some black sleeve , always something to do :roll_eyes:

Just replaced the missing cable protector , PVC sleeving 12mm ,£2.90 for 1m , off e-bay !


I like your updates Ian

Had an “interesting” experience with my 420G

passed its annual MOT inspection, I am driving home, mash pedal to floor, and suddenly is stuck to floor and my motor is red-lining.
Jam brakes, switch ignition off, try again same result.

Push vehicle to side of road, and using my Jaguar tool kit, extract the bolt that links my custom throttle (which wasnt fun, as it was wedged due to tension)

Drive the 1 mile home using the manual choke to engine RPM :grinning:

So the issue turned out to be that the special dual shouldered both that attaches the accelerator pedal to its floor mount has worn “shoulders”

This allowed lateral movement at top of pedal, and the pedal metal got jammed behind the stop bolt head when I mashed it hard

I have a rusty pedal from a wreck, so if that bolt is not worn, I will use that, if not some engineering will be needed.

I was lucky not to blow my engine

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I had that happen on my E Type, once, and before I could get to the key it indicated 6500 RPM.

Seemed to continue to live… :slight_smile:

Unseasonably warm here so took the opportunity to warm up the engine one more time before winter and run some more Stabil through the tank.

Two weekends ago was out for a long drive and when I got home I noticed the temp gauge had spiked. Coolant was boiling out of the radiator. The fuse for my e-fan melted and the fan stopped, luckily just before I got home. Jammed a new fuse in to get the fan going and cool the engine off.

I was worried about damage but just ran around the block and runs like a top. Phew. Now to figure out why that fuse melted…

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Took the Brums out for a winter trot.


Finally completed assembling the modified handbrake. Too thick pads required longer adjusting bolt, added extra spring there.


Very nice, does it work well?

It will take 6 more months until I know, until then - it’s only a theory…