What did you do to your Saloon today

Are you able to have the metal media blasted in your area? Use sound deadener on reassembly. The reduction in heat and vibration will be significant. Many brands to choose from, I choose Noico (no affiliation) as it is thicker -80 mil-

Are you restoring or wrecking it ?

seen worse…no obvious rust holes I can see ?

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Restoring. Oh there is plenty of rust out.

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how are your metal fabbing skills ?

I sadly wrecked on that was probably better than that

One thing I have found is welding new steel to old rusty steel is “very difficult” so lets hope you can cut it all away

The issue around here is salt air, so they have a nasty tendency to rust from the inside out, unless always garaged

The good thing is the steel is thick so hopefully all will be well

One of the biggest issues with these cars is the sunroof drain area, that is an nightmare, and you should check yours early, it has 4 drains that run 6ft rubber pipes

I spoke to a body shop owner who had one, he despaired so much at the destruction he just welded it up (sadly imo)

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Unless you want to showcase your metalworking skills, which would be admirable, it might be worthwhile to consider a better starting point for a restoration. Check the Classifieds for MK IX cars for sale. I recently picked up a complete parts car with a solid body locally.

my Swiss cheese firewall.

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That’s not Swiss cheese: that’s an advanced case of shedding mass.

Ask NASA: it can be a good thing!

Hi Randy,
Your boot floor actually looks worse than mine! How are the door skins?
And where are you located? The car looks like it’s spent its life on the coast, but being left-hand drive, it obviously wasn’t in England.
Best of luck,

The doors are solid, no rust at all. The right side sill is shot though. I am in Texas and the car was rescued from a salvage yard in Oklahoma.

Cant see any metal could not fab myself…but its time!

The most essential thing is you can find shiny steel to weld to

guessing it aint the OPs 1st rodeo

I hope the interior & chrome is ok, you dont want me to say how much I have heard people say it costs to do an interior, wood, chrome

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My first rescue was of a sad looking Metropolitan rusting away at a former dealership. I became expert in welding thin rusty metal, grinding welds smooth, and covering them with body caulk. 10 years later, she is a fine running and looking car.

Learning from my mistake, I bought a solid, almost rust free 1961 MK9. My time and money was then spent on making a good car great. Leather costs dearly, wood restoration takes time and talent. Fixing leaks, making it a good cruiser takes research and knowledge.
Frankly, while rescuing a Mark 9 is a noble thing, and having a dream is admirable, I would hate to see your ambition squandered on such an unworthy a foundation. There are good, solid project cars out there that will reward your vision much sooner and with greater results with the same overall cost. Use what you have for spares and sell off what is good.
If you do go on with this project, I wish you luck and strength of resolve. Keep us apraised.I am living in Joplin, MO. If there is anything I can halp you with, let me know.


Not today but yesterday - I adopted generic shock absorbers to front position.
Hope these will be adequate, as cheap - they already are.
Had to use metric bolt in the bottom eye.
These are:

To all. cross check Jag shocks against others

My local Pedders suspension specialist has a big book that shows.

I was shocked :rofl: to find out that MKX/420G front shocks are compatible with a huge number of vans and SUV…so even adjustable !

much cheaper to. I found this out after I had bought 420G front shocks

I published the list for my car if you search the archive

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The shame of it :scream: :rofl:

No shame, my 420G has a Lucas M100 starter motor installed by me to replace the gigantic and heavy M45

It must be out of a S3 XJ, as it has 15mm bolts

Cmon Tony. Link us that shock archive. I can’t find it and need to buy all the shocks for my Mk X

Your wish is my command bro

The pic is a bit blurred, but if uou download and magnify, it can be read

pretty exciting list, as many of those SUV have a large aftermarket, and adjustable shocks are available for very popular models that are modified

A list of alternative front shocks for MKX-420G-MK1 - Saloons - Jag-lovers Forums