What did you do to your saloon today?

I put the clock back, having left all wood panels in place during removal and installation. Quite a fiddle. Took a good hour. Tested it both on the bench and mounted, before doing the final touches. Did not forget the instr light or flex cable adjuster!
I also continued the leather care work, which I find so rewarding. Just wish that the first 2 owners (I am No 3) had done it over the years. It’s a 52,000 mile 4,2 Mk10.

put some oil cleaner in the sump, fired her up for 2 min, let her sit for a couple of hours fired her up again. the dropped the 30 year-old+ oil. and replaced. mercury hit 35 so went an hid in the aircon. another very productive day?

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How did that oil look, were there any sparkly bits from metal shavings. I’m sure it was still thick and lumpy with age. And of course the rancid smell. I’ve added a quart or so (liter) of diesel fuel to the crankcase before and the resulting effluent was as dark as coal. Freaked out the mechanic who was watching the oil pressure gauge hovering around zero.


Having fitted the rebuilt head on the mk7 , spent the day swearing at it and stomping around because the effing fuel pumps refused to pump effing fuel !!! Not a new problem , but intermittent . Had all the dash out and checked all connections . Tomorrow , will go under and look at the pumps . But unless they have a common earth , I would have thought one of them would work .

Actually I was surprised. dark grey no lumps no metal. I have used diesel before which works well. but if you have used diesel and if you have any bugs in the oil which can lead to the lumps ( and acid vers white metal) it pays to that her for a long drive after and frequently since the diesel is food for the bacteria.

I drive them like I stole them so no lumps or bumps and bugs would be scared to ride with me!


I started her up for the first time in just over three years. Battery was shot. Barely drove the starter even when just charged. Ended up with an extra battery and my booster starter pack all linked together was enough. Lots of smoke out the back end from the oil I had down the cylinders during storage. Got the garage door open just in time :slight_smile: My son was standing by with the fire extinguisher Took her out for a spin to blow off the cobwebs and warm up the oil properly for draining. No leaks ( yet ). Good to be back! Small finishing touches still to do but very happy man tonight.

Cool. And what model do you have?

Sorry. Should have put that in. Originally i was trying to load up a video so it would have been obvious☺

MK2 3.4 1962