What did you do to your saloon today?

Actually I was surprised. dark grey no lumps no metal. I have used diesel before which works well. but if you have used diesel and if you have any bugs in the oil which can lead to the lumps ( and acid vers white metal) it pays to that her for a long drive after and frequently since the diesel is food for the bacteria.

I drive them like I stole them so no lumps or bumps and bugs would be scared to ride with me!


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I started her up for the first time in just over three years. Battery was shot. Barely drove the starter even when just charged. Ended up with an extra battery and my booster starter pack all linked together was enough. Lots of smoke out the back end from the oil I had down the cylinders during storage. Got the garage door open just in time :slight_smile: My son was standing by with the fire extinguisher Took her out for a spin to blow off the cobwebs and warm up the oil properly for draining. No leaks ( yet ). Good to be back! Small finishing touches still to do but very happy man tonight.

Cool. And what model do you have?

Sorry. Should have put that in. Originally i was trying to load up a video so it would have been obvious☺

MK2 3.4 1962

Again technically no Saloon, but a MKV, I was supposed to MOT the car last Wednesday, but had some brake issues. :frowning_face: Sooo I finally figured out why the RH rear slave handbrake mechanism was jamming. The shoes had been 180 deg wrong way since 2007! They are MKVIII drums and backplates and slaves installed by an English workshop.

The bad news was that as it was dragging and also limiting the hydraulic action, also the pistons were stuck! :frowning: Soooo once I had that all sorted out I needed to bleed the brakes, better also flush and replace all brake fluid, everything else was ok, but of course the LH front slave bleed nipple broke off! :frowning_face:

So by the time I had removed that slave, drilled off the nipple screw, found a replacement for it (about three hours of going through boxes of old parts) and refitted everything it was Friday and once I found the source of DPO electrics shorting and blowing the main fuse randomly (steel wire used as a cable tie on the RH torsion bar) It was Saturday and now it does not look like I will be driving to the MOT station any time soon with the old borrowed summer Pirelli Cinturatos?

But now we have light and brakes! :+1:



On my MK9 the fuel pump bodies do have a common earth.

More cocktails are required after every jaguar project we undertake. Blood is required to complete the task!

Hey Pekka, in case you were wondering PBR stands for Patons Brake Replacements. I have a more mashed up tube than your one that’s about 40 years old. I expect that it will be amongst my things when I’m despatched.

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decided to check and change the power steering filter today. looks like its the one from 65.

My 1967 Mark 2 had the same Purolator filter. One day several years ago car felt like power steering was ineffective. A specialist ( honest at that) suggested I open the reservoir, remove the filter, and run the engine for just a minute to see if performance improved. If so he suggested replacing the filter. He was correct. Looking at my original Mark 2 maintenance chart, I noticed it did call for replacement of that filter every 18000 miles. Several days later replacement filter courtesy SNG arrived, and the problem was solved.

I put a big electric fan on the rad and removed the engine driven one. Switches with an adjustable controller. Even though it doesn’t really get very cold here in the winter my Mk2 tends to overcool - indicates 50C or less on long cruises. The thermostat works as it should so I thought I would try a new fan. The car never overheats - has a new aluminium rad.

My S1 Sov failed its WoF ( MoT) with inner rear UJs. I could find no play either in the car or on the bench, but, as they say, resistance is futile, so I replaced them; not the worst job in the world, and it gave me a chance to clean up the 50 years worth of crap that had built up on the components. Inner arches cleaned up nicely, not the slightest sign of rust.

Came up like this after cleaning with just water and an old dishbrush.
Interestingly ( or not) there are 2 areas on both sides where there is original blue paint but no underseal, in the region of the Metalastic mounts. It seems like the shell was painted first and then undersealed, presumably the areas where there is paint but no underseal may have been where a transport dolly may have mounted.


From whom did you borrow tires???


Well, my fellow club member restored a 1955 XK140 FHC and changed it from steel wheels to chromed wire wheels. So he had the five disc wheels with the said Pirellis in a pile at his garage and no need for them but did not want to sell them either so I asked if I could use them. He said ok. I will return them one my car ’s original wheels have been repainted and have new tires in the near future.


Regulations are apparently very strict in your area, in Oregon USA there is no vehicle inspection program and police have been instructed not to stop cars with non functional lights. Was determined to be discriminatory, using a word that begins with r. I wonder if that is the case in other states.

I thought that was tape so no underseal gets into the bolt holes for the mounts but i’m not sure how they were mounted exactly.

That’s a more plausible explanation, David.

Colorado hasn’t had a vehicle inspection program for decades, but I don’t think it had anything to do with discrimination. It just had to do with sloth.

A few years ago I got an advisory on LH rear wheel bearing play. As you say “resistance is futile”, so I removed the hub and made up a new shim. Having just had that whinge there was clearly too much movement. Passed the next year.