What do you think its worth?

(The Jag Man) #1

My opinion is that this seller is extremely optimistic asking this much for this VERY rusty example. Might really be worth 4 to 5 thousand USD?

What do y’all think?


(Ian) #2

May be too far gone to restore , when you add up the cost of a restoration , you can buy one for less !
I see the prices of some cars and shiver :scream:

(Paul M. Novak) #3

It looks like it was stored at the bottom of a lake for a decade or two.



(Phil.Dobson) #4

Utterly ridiculous. The price is for the documentation i guess.

(j limongelli) #5

Well we are coming to the end of the gasoline rainbow, I guess his grandfather and father died and needs a couple of bucks for a nice dinner.
3 grand maybe on a great day!
I love Mark 2’s had many but , that generation is dead, the numbers are dropping dramatically.
To restore that car you can lease a new Bentley for less.

(Brett) #6

Is the price too high?.. Yes. Is the car worthy of being restored?.. well, yes. It may be rough, but I’m seen much rougher restored. It would have to be a labor of love, and the price would have to come down a lot, but it could be the right car for the ambitious restorer.

(Andrew Waugh) #7

Love is only expensive when it stops.

(Paul Wigton) #8

Try as I might, I see no price, anywhere…?

(tony) #9

I reckon it would be worth half the asking price, IF you had a better body shell handy, and the interior isnt trashed as well

(The Jag Man) #10

Seller is asking $14,900 or obo USD.


(Paul Wigton) #11


(j limongelli) #12

Wiggles like the house, the garage and the car, theres a time to die and move on.
Look at the garage, its about to collapse, like the car.
P.S. its not worth restoring you would need close to 200,000 to make its new.
Im not exaggerating
Sadly this is common out there.

(Brett) #13

That’s assuming you were paying someone to do it. For someone with some fabrication skills, it would be much less.

(j limongelli) #14

Honestly it wouldn’t.
Your life would be gone if one person restored as I have over the years.
And I mean this in a non combative way.
That car needs a new body, doors, glass,suspension , interior, engine, trans and rear, wiring.
Today a quality rebuild ENGINE , TRANS AND REAR, Lets say 25 grand?
That’s if you pull it all out and bring to a specialist. At least.
Move on from there…
Its not a good thing.
They go for 30 to 50 grand mint now, so whats the point.
I used to save the world but I’m to old now.
I’m tempted to bid a grand and lets see if he takes it, wall art for my barn!

(tony) #15

I agree with Joey

just buy an ok one for twice the price, and be miles ahead

its just a collection of spare parts and a title

a 3.8 engine core is worth a premium

its fairly likely the unibody flanges are rotted, which means you have no metal to weld panels together, and both panels need to be replaced

(j limongelli) #16

Look at the pictures
It’s an Abortion
Connelly interior at least 20 grand
At least then blast al the frames it will never end
All the doors are rotted
We forgot chrome
Every piece of chrome would be another 25 to 20 grand and what about vent windows on and on
Ang is a smart man!

(Ian) #17

I wonder how much this one will go for :thinking:

(j limongelli) #18

Like the other, it didn’t sell…….
And the scam 23 bids were his mother who doesn’t know she has a ebay account…haaaaa

(Ian) #19

Sold for around $5000 , about right I would say :sunglasses:

(j limongelli) #20

God Bless…
Hope we see it on the road, but all kidding aside at 5 grand if sold, parted out you can get about 10 grand in parts…maybe more.