What does this exhaust part actually do?

Item 14 on the attached drawing. I fail to see what this part actually does. Maybe it holds the gearbox down or perhaps it holds the exhaust up.
As I occasionally have an annoying sound coming from under the car that sounds suspiciously like this part jinking up and down, my thought is to dispense with it .
Please let me know if it actually does anything.
Jag Exhaust System.pdf (527.9 KB)

I don’t remember ever seeing that on either my ‘88 2.9 or my ‘92 4.0

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Its purpose is to get exhaust gases from the engine cylinders.

Since part 14 on the diagram is called exhaust tie cable, I assume its purpose is to support the exhaust pipe. I looked at a number of other diagrams for different serial number ranges, markets, and catalyst/non catalyst configurations. Some had this part while others did not. It appears from my quick search the non catalyst configurations did not have this, nor did later serial number configurations. I didn’t do an exhaustive search, however.

My 1989 cat equipped XJ40 has this part.

I agree that it appears to add additional support to the exhaust system (possibly because of the weight of the forward cat) while allowing upward movement (flex).

Thank you for all your suggests & info. I thought it may be there for the reasons Grooveman suggested but wanted to be as sure as I could be that there was no serious technical reason for keeping it. I’ll put it down to the overengineering which seems to abound in the XJ40. I’ll take the part out, see if the jinking sound goes away and hope my exhaust doesn’t fall off. Interesting that some models have it and some don’t.