What Fluid Goes Here?

This tank is bone dry. Is it possible that coolant goes here? The A/C on my car is the only thing not working.

That is the fill cap, reservoir, and pump for the power steering. Do you not have an owners manual?


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Just the basic one that came with the car. Didn’t have this info in it. Many thanks.

I’m guessing there is a power steering leak.


It would groan a lot…
How can one not know their reservoirs and drive??

I’m not a mechanic (though that doesn’t prevent me from a lot of successful tinkering).

As it happens was just going over a few things while cleaning it up for sale. I’ve only had it a short while. Since I had my “Classic Jaguar Specialist” bring it back to life for me and supposedly, in the process, replace all the fluids and it appears to run perfectly, I had no reason to suspect that it was the power steering.

Does the power steering work?
Just fill with any ATF to the mark on the cold side of the dip stick that’s attached to the lid. Check for leaks.

You have a pretty E Type too so I‘m just surprised you didn’t figure it out. Of course it’s good you asked!

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Well to be fair, I deserve the criticism for being lazy, though the E doesn’t have power steering!

This one works fine. I was trying to find what kind of refrigerant the XJ used before trying to recharge it. I assume it’s R-12 but wanted to confirm… of course that’s a whole other bailiwick so likely just going to take care of the power steering and leave the rest to the next owner.

R12 but leave it to the next guy…

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Sure, Philip? The item in question looks the spitting image of power steering fluid reservoir to me…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Thanks Frank, was referring to a different vehicle.

Besides, the power steering in the 6 cylinder E Types has a remote reservoir and is very different, Frank :slightly_smiling_face:

POs work in mysterious ways, David…? :slight_smile: Whatever the ‘thingie’ is it’s unlikely to be deliberately empty - and should certainly not be filled without refernce to use…?

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Oh come on Frank, you know better, this is the XJ power steering reservoir on a S3 engine and it needs to be full! :slight_smile:

I originally said, David; the spitting image of a power steering fluid reservoir…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ(

…and you asked if he was sure the E had no P/S! Which it probably doesn’t and if it does the reservoir is a much different remote tank.