What Ignition Wire Set?

Hi Folks,

I want to buy a new set of ignition wires for my 67 2+2 with 4.2 engine. I have 22D distributor with standard points.

I didn’t think I would need to ask a question on ignition wires, but after looking at the usuals info, and other info online, I feel it might not be as straight forward as I thought.

Do I want 7mm wire, carbon or copper core, suppression or what else? I looked at SNG and they have a basic set with only the following information…" Ignition plug lead set - Rists style. Supplied with coil wire and moulded end push type fittings."

Then I look for more info and see Magnacore mentioned and all sorts of stuff.

Could someone tell me if the SNG set is appropriate, or something else?

I’m really starting to feel my age!! Today, there are endless options and complexity to anything you want to buy!


Hi Gary, you want 7mm copper core ignition wires with the standard distributor. The original wires were fitted with a small brass disc and screwed into the distributor, The coil was fitted the same way but, the screwed in cap is longer on the coil side.


What you use depends on the ignition system. If it’s a sock points and condenser system, literally anything will be fine. If you’ve fitted an electronic ignition, the manufacturer’s specs should be followed. If unsure, most electronic ignitions will require some form of suppression wire, either resistor wire or inductive. Many suppliers offer Magnecor inductive wires, which satisfy every superstition: they are non-resistor copper, but inductively suppressed.

The thickness of the wire has more to do with resistance to heat than ignition system performance. If you retain the original wire organizer, only 7mm will fit. Otherwise, you won’t find that diameter matters.

Thank you for the replies. 7mm standard set will be the way I go.