What is for pipe on mk2

Hello…friends…( side passenger)…what is this pipe for and what does it lead to? Jaguar 67 autom.

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Whereabouts in the car is this? Can you attach another picture a bit further back?

Dimly remember it was supposed to give access to starter mounting bolt or something ?
It’s in the right hand side foot cavity, under the dash.

Could that be the heater connection for the back seat heat? There are two small duct hoses that run through the console. I just can’s remember where they connect at the front. This tube is the right size but I don’t think it is pointed the correct direction.

I do not own an Automatic, but could that be a passage for cable that goes from bottom of the steering column Automatic gear selector in RHD to gearbox?
If so, there should be similar pipe on other side too, for LHD.
Photo shows that cable, it has to go through something to g’box.

But Mk1 A/T has this pipe as well, while gear selector is at center of the dash.

I’ve owned a 3.4 Mk1 auto and 6 Mk2s of all 3 engine sizes, both auto and manual, restored 3 and worked on all of them and don’t ever recall seeing that pipe on any of them. All RHD. The Mk2s cable comes off the bottom of the steering column as shown in the diagram, (DG box), and enters the tunnel without piercing it, from the front, but the later 2.4s and 240 used the BW Type 35 and I believe the cable fed down through the top left of the trans tunnel. Either way, the selector is on the left, so the pipe on the right is unlikely to be for the selector cable. Is the pipe simply straight through the tunnel? Poked a screwdriver through to see where it comes out? How is it secured to the transmission tunnel, bracket and rivets? Could it be from a decommissioned aircon system?

On my LHD 1961 Mark 2 it looks like the duct is for the floor outlet of the heater. It has this outlet on both sides of the console.

My 62 Jag mk II has heater outlets on both sides of the radio console housing. But, as one reviewer stated about the mark II’s heater, “it was like having an old woman pant on your kneecap.”

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It’s been more than 20 years since I worked on a Mk2, and memory could be failing, but aren’t those heater outlets merely hot air ducts fed by convoluted hoses from the heater, behind the instruments? The pipe shown looks more like a coolant (heatant?) pipe, something under pressure, or at least containing liquid.

The heater duct in your picture is substantially towards the rear of the car from the pipe in question, which is located at the firewall. Actually, it looks like you can see the pipe in your picture, just to the upper-left of the corner of the floor mat. In my car that pipe is plugged with a rubber plug on the engine side. If I were to guess, I would say that the plug is number C13931, “Plug, for redundant accelerator fixing holes in center dash”.

I see what you are saying, when I get back later this week I will try and investigate further.

I finally made it back to the car today and took a better look. The gas pedal shaft goes thru that tube, on my RHD 1961 it had a retaining washer and split pin securing the shaft. (I assume there are bushings or bearings in the tube.) On the drivers side id the gas peddle assembly.
1st Picture the passenger side

The next 2 are of the drivers side.

That’s the early style of pedal, the later ones were hinged at the floor. Changed maybe 1960/61? I’m not sure if that changed the actual linkage arrangement, however.

Well my car is considered a 1961 model, it was built in sept 1960, it is the only reference I have. I don’t know what the later cars used sorry.

Apparently, the change occurred November 1960, so your car predates that. IIRC, the Mk1 used the floor hinged pedal, so the hanging one was introduced for the Mk2 and then reverted back.

Nah, that’s not the hole / pipe in subject. Throttle pedal linkage horizontal axle has 3 extra small holes around to keep the brass sphere / sleeve bushing in place. The mysterious pipe is some 2 inches to the front. See picture from under the … bonnet. This is really a 2-3" of pipe welded in.

Totally agree, although I never said it was the throttle shaft linkage.

However, here’s a pic of my car 1962 RHD 3.8, and it does look like a shaft is protruding through that front hole, but, like you say, I’m sure the throttle linkage goes through the one with 3 rivets.
Nice engine bay BTW